The amazing Piperdoll Ariel review

Piperdoll Ariel review

I have wanted for so long to review the piperdoll model called Ariel! I finally got around buying that doll.  In my opinion, she has a perfect figure: Slim, large hips, big bubble ass, massive breasts, and a cute face. She looks fantastic on her promotion pictures and my fear, just like you I suppose, is to receive a doll that does not look at all like what I see on the pictures. 

Piperdoll Ariel review!


Well, I was absolutely pleased with the doll that I have received! One of the very first things that I noticed is piperdoll’s soft skin. Their skin is much less oily than any other sex doll’s brands that I have ever touched until now. The second thing that I noticed is that her skin smells very good. The TPE mix they use to produce the skin is definitely special: It’s very soft, it smells good and it is less oily than other ones.


Piperdoll’s EVO skeleton is really different from any other sex doll’s skeleton that I have used until now. You can just feel the quality. It is much more flexible and it is much easier to position your doll the exact way you want to. Another very interesting fact is that her head is seamlessly attached to the body.

This is not only aesthetically perfect but it also means that she has a real articulation on the neck: If you want your doll to hold a certain position with her head, she will. It is extremely difficult to get a doll with interchangeable heads to hold the position that you give them: gravity just don’t let the head stay the way you want to and that is normal: the head only holds with a screw.


I need to add a word regarding Piperdoll’s wigs. Their wigs are made especially for their dolls. This means the following:

– They fit perfectly their heads.
– The wig that you will receive will be the exact wig that you saw in the promotion pictures. 

Wigs are an issue in the sex doll’s market. Their quality is bad -they are unbrushable-  and most of the time, the wig you get does not resemble the wig that was on the promotion material. Aesthetically, it can make a big difference. Sometimes, the difference is so big that my supplier took on him to buy higher wig quality from other wig providers and send them to his customers to use instead of the wigs that are sent by the doll factories.

– Piperdoll’s wigs quality is good. At least, they are brushable, which is quite convenient.



  • Ariel’s labias do not look realistic. If you are a breasts or a butt lover, she is perfect. If your thing is the pussy, she is not for you.
  • Ariel’s insert vagina is much too small. I was not able to use it. Buy her with a built-in vagina.
  • Although her skeleton is fantastic, her finger’s bones are floppy and can not hold anything. 


Piperdoll really impressed me with the doll’s quality + the doll really looks like the doll that we see in the promotion material. I like that a lot. Some companies lately took the bad habit of over photoshopping their promotion content. They need to understand that buyers want to see the real thing. They want to know what they are buying.

I also made a youtube piperdoll Ariel review video that resumes all my impressions on this sex doll. You can find it here.
I hope that you appreciated this review. Do not hesitate to comment in the section below or ask me any question in the “ask me any question” section.

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