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As you know by now, I am a sex doll expert. I have bought many of them, I know the market, I know sex dolls, I know what I am talking about.

Just ask me any question you want in the comment section below and I will answer you.

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Dave Grotti

Hi Tom,
Great resources here! Thank you for sharing your experiences.
I am very interested in either the WM 166C or the WM 162E, but I am concerned about the love holes being placed too far forward to use in the doggy position. I think you mentioned this being a problem with the WM 166C. I’m wondering if the 162E has improved placement that will allow both vaginal and anal sex in the doggy position, or if it shares this same problem with the 166C?
Thanks in advance for the help!

Dave Grotti

Thanks Tom, I don’t think I’ll be able to hold off on getting the 162E. She’s just that hot!

That being said, are there any doll brands that’s have really good vagina and anal placement, so you can use both of them in doggy or standing doggy position. I’ve read Piper doll, Doll forever or Irontech have better placement, would you agree? Or do you have different recommendations?

Kenneth Lawrence

Hey tom, I was just wondering if you have any JY dolls? And what you think of them and if you think they are a reputable brand? Because I’ve seen on cloud climax they are selling them for about £1000/$1245 which I thought was quite cheap. Is this legit? Any help would be appreciated.


Do you know anything about SY dolls and if so, are they a good company to buy from? I’m new to all this and I’ve been doing a lot of research but it’s so hard to tell what’s real and what’s not.


Well, thanks for the quick response and for saving me from a bad experience. I guess I’ll just pay a little extra for a WM doll.


Another question, have you purchased one of those flight cases before? Are they worth it? Or is the box that they were shipped in good enough to use to store when guests are over?

For the $600 pricetag I figured I could build something simple for less to use in my garage to store.

Are there things that I would have to consider when storing in a closet or garage?


Thank you for being transparent. I have been looking at purchasing from and thankfully I haven’t pulled the trigger. Have you purchased directly from and wondering what the benefit would be purchasing from your recommended supplier?

Also do you know if SEDoll heads are compatible with WM doll bodies?


Thanks for the insight.

Dude dad

Hey Tom, I think I messed up, I bought a generic Allison doll with some features from Sex d**alley. I asked for a refund the same day cause it was a purchase I should not spend due to covid lay offs. It’s my first time in this market and I’m just wondering what kind of doll am I gonna receive compared to the pictures I saw. Assuming I don’t get my refund, spent 1K and change with add ons.


Hello Tom and greetings from Austin TX! Really enjoy your website and reviews. I decided on the WM 156 cm H cup same as the one you reviewed…same options soft skin and hollow boobs. I ordered from the vendor you recommend. Very excited! 2 questions for you if you don’t mind. If I ordered the doll on June 16…what’s your best guess when she’ll get to my door? you hear covid slowing things down? Also…does the doll make a pit stop at the vendor for him to inspect before arriving at my home? Or coming directly from China to Texas?… Read more »


Hi Tom, is legit? Any good ones for Asia delivery?


I am searching for buying this YL doll.
Name Photos etc are common to all sites.

Any advise for those sellers ?



15% discount and 2nd head free

Thank you in advance.

lawrence wheatley is local guy near me he has videos up on YouTube he seems to have some reasonable prices from the major doll manufacturers what’s your thoughts if any?

lawrence wheatley

I had a feeling he was legit thx.

lawrence wheatley

Just ordered a Kimber doll and some sexy body suits ect she is going to look hot as fuck 😉


I been researching sex dolls and this would be my first so I’m not sure what is super high quality and what isn’t. I like WM doll but after looking at sexbots from SEdoll, I was wondering where would be a place to buy a legit a SEdoll. Mostly this sex-bot version is from their website directly. On they say that 140cm to 165cm dolls for sedoll can do the autoblowjob option. Sex doll Australia has this video of it working. I really want to get this doll with that feature. But I’m not sure if… Read more »

Last edited 14 days ago by Nick

Is, , or legit websites?


Thanks for this. First time buyer and looking for the right supplier. Is se[…] legit? Seem to have some of the dolls I would like and the site seems to meet your criteria. The other I had interest in is sexd[…] I like your supplier but none of the dolls are really available that I want. All outnof stock. Marco has been informative and helpful but they just don’t have the doll I’m looking for


Thanks a lot for your work, I would (most likely) have been scammed if I didn’t catch your videos first.
I think I will buy my first doll on https://sex[…..], prices are lower than most sites but it realy seems legit.


Do you know if companies like wmdolls have dolls on standby in the factory like ready to ship or do they make each one as soon as its ordered. I ordered one from, I know sexdolls-shop has some in stock but I’m talking just the factory


Hi Tom, looking for an sedoll from a reputable vendor. Would prefer one in the US but if you don’t know of one, do you know anything about dol[…]

lawrence wheatley

Are there any decent stores to buy from on aliexpress or no?

lawrence wheatley

Ordered Kimber till I have the money for a higher quality one 🙂


Hi Tom. I’m glad I found you before buying. I live in Australia and was thinking of buying a kimber for $799, until I saw your $800 rule!! The reviews are all good, but after reading your review I am now sceptical.


Thanks mate

lawrence wheatley

Just ordered one myself 🙂

lawrence wheatley

So if I don’t have 2k Kimber doll would be a good choice for me to buy my 1st sex doll?


Hi Tom. Thanks for what you’re doing here. Do you have any information and options on: OVDoll?


Yeah I figured. Just wanted to confirm. Thanks Tom


Hey Tom watched your review video of the WM 156 H cup it was pretty good, she’s a beautiful doll. My question is how is the love hole placement from behind with the pussy, is it easy to penetrate or is it to awkward as some WM’s I hear are?
I really want to know because I’m very interested in maybe buying this doll. Thanks


Hey Tom, thanks for all the great info !
When on a picture the mouth is slightly open and we see the teeth, are these hard added teeth that come with the teeth set or are they soft and built in the mouth ?


Hi Tom, I have looked at a lot of your answers to questions on where to buy so I am sorry if I am asking a repeat question. I live in Canada and I found the site I would really like to buy either the 162cm E-cup or the 166 C-cup, what can you tell about them and are they legit? Also I want to thank you for taking the time to make these reviews on youtube and your blog. Amazing wealth of information, I know for a fact I would have been scammed if I didn’t see your… Read more »

Markus m

I’m ready to profit from my errors etc and get a new doll I;m pretty sure I’d like a piperdoll jessica model.I wanted my nxt doll to be lighter and less fragile than my first and I need my 2nd doll last as I dnt hv the budget to buy one a year.Any recommendations?Will be going thru your recommended dealer.Thank you!

Markus m

hello and thanx for the hard (so to speak)work.I bought my first doll thru bootycall dolls a vendor I found on TDF.It was AS Doll 153 fcup model with Raven head.I got the doll and 2nd head for 1500.00 and overall I was happy and impressed with the realism of the head.After less than a year her breasts have deflated and joints shot.

Mathew Honeycutt

Hello Tom, I was wondering if you have heard of The customer service seems nice, snappy responses, and they have done nothing to prompt me to not trust them. They give me any factory pictures i ask for. Wanted to ask if you might be able to look at the site and see if there are any red flags, as I do not know what im looking for. thank you, and i look foward to hearing from you…

Mathew W Honeycutt

Since posting this I’ve contacted a guy at sexdolls-shop and I’m working with him now to get the same dolls heads and body combos I was interested in. Thank you. I’d rather pay more money than risk being disappointed.


Hi Tom, i found a website of a shop near to my place, how can i be sure they don’t sell crap / fake dolls?


Hi, I saw your video talking about brands and that dolls should only be purchased from certain brands. I contacted a store in my nation and they are selling the following doll (in the pictures). I have seen it on other international sites previously.   My question is. I asked the ones selling it what brand this doll is from and they said that it is not from any brand. Should I be worried? The site seems legitimate with contact info, responsive e-mail and company information from the state. But they could still sell counterfeit dolls right? Any help is… Read more »


Hey is there a weight deference between TPE and Silicon as wells as the deference in skeletons being newer ones or the old skeletons?


im tryin to decide between wm 157 vs 166. I don’t mind weight. Which would you prefer more?


Hi Tom, I wanna have some advice about 146 cm C cup doll4ever doll. Probably you do not know exactly this model but are doll4ever good dolls in general. I was told doll4ever are worse than WMdoll and 6YE dolls. Is there something I should know about this brand/model that could make me change my opinion about it ? Are the pussy, ass, skin good ? Thanx for your help !


Thank you very much !


Hey have you ever bought from absolute sex dolls before? I read a comment of yours saying they were fake. How fake are we talking here? I just bought a doll from them. A reply would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


Hi Tom, I was wondering if you could help me out with this website you think this is a legit website with descent dolls and not fake cheap dolls or can you recommend any websites???


Hi Tom, I am planning to buy a doll from and after lot of searches, I selected this doll: I need your expert advice on this doll. From the body spec, on the above web site, the HIP size mentioned as: 45.3″ (115cm) but if you look at all the pics of that doll, the hips look smaller and not 45.3″, its not look like the doll has that big hips. This may be the angle of the pics but I request you to take a look at the pics and let me know what do you think?… Read more »


Hey Tom, do you consider to be reliable? Their prices are very good.


Hello Tom,

I hope all is well. I was wondering, is it possible for you to make a tutorial video or an article on how to properly clean, oil, and powder your doll, in terms of recommended products? I will be receiving my first doll this upcoming week. I’m getting mixed information from different websites on what products to use to clean the doll with. I don’t want to make any mistakes putting something harmful on it’s soft TPE skin.


Hello Tom,

It’s me again. I just wanted to ask what you thought about the hard skin dolls in the aspect of its quality. You hammered the hard skin option when you received the wrong doll that one time from WM dolls, but now Im having second thoughts on my decision to have it ordered as hard skin. I really hope that option wont ruin the experience. I just saw that it was more durable and obviously cheaper so I just went with that. :/


didnt realize i posted in the wrong category sorry about that. how well is sexdolls shop packaging? have you ever received a damaged package with anything being exposed? just a thought


Hello, Tom! ill be getting my first sex doll soon and im very excited about it! Do you think if removable vagina is better than built in? Doesnt it look worse than built in one ? Obviously it makes cleaning much easier, which is quite important


Thanks, Tom! i think ill pick a fixed one then!


Hello Tom, I was hoping you can give me your insight. I asked a supplier(the one most recommended by you- for a specific WMdoll that was not on their site. A few hours later they sent me the same photos of the doll that I have seen floating around before. They also listed that doll for sale onto the website. But as I said, it wasn’t there before. I am new to this market so I do not know if this is normal operation in this business. I am just wondering what you think about this. I want this… Read more »


Hi Tom how are you?
I finally bought a Ultimate fantasy doll right here in Montreal Qc. Received her today all was perfect with legit papers. Registered her no problem.
You told me yoh never tried a UFdoll…Well it might be the right time.
The place I bought Carmen at has her on STAYHOME special UNTIL JUNE 30TH…no customs fees(it’s in QCprovince) shipping and freebies… TOTAL $2124CAD.
She goes for 2499US. Here is some pictures of unboxing…


Hi Tom! Firts than all, thanks for this blog… I had search long time ago for buy a sex doll and I was try to find a safe website for buy her, and your page gave me a lot information. This is the doll that I choosed: I have one question, I hope you know about this… The doll that I going to buy is for my personal use and, you know, this kind of sex products are taboo in many people, for this reason… Do you know how I can have the doll hide without damage? I have… Read more »


Is your sex doll brothel operational? If so, can we get the contact info?


Do you have any idea as to when you’ll be back in business?


Hi Tom. What’s your opinion of: SEXXDOLLS CO. They’re on TDF as a vendor but…
Here’s an example: Shop by height: 135 cm. or 132 cm. IronTech, really? Why am I hearing that voice in the back of my head but never listen to it?


Hi, I keep asking you question but seem to be erase automaticly. Did this website is legit?


I order from
When I seen the photo it’s didt look at all like a original WM doll because head just dont look like same and finition seen not so good.
I then ask WM Canada if that a original wm doll like they said and then I receive message telling me that this doll did’t come from them.
The vendor tell that the doll come from china… Did wm doll have china base at least?

You can read ths forum and see what

What did you think about it?


Hi Tom, How’re you? I hope all is well during these crazy times. I had a couple of questions to ask you. I ordered my first WMDoll from sexdolls-shop, and I wanted to know if it Is safe to use a “USB Heater” (Vagina Heater) such as these, without causing damage to the doll..?

I’m all ears to any suggestions and/or recommendations on methods to heat the dolls private areas and mouth.

Thank you,


Hi Tom, nice to see someone is taking care of us first time buyers.
After looking at different companies and pros and cons I decide to buy a UFdoll, Carmen.
I bought from a sexshop here in town..was able to see and compare.
Hope I made a good choice.


Hi Tom..finally got my full refund from ali.
Now, here in montreal I fund 2 store that sells
UFdolls..Carmen and Kitty at very good price.
Would you recommend?
You can take a look
Thank you jn advance


Hello Tom, I finally got my refund from aliexpress in full and follow your advice.
I found a doll here in a montreal sexshop .
It’s Carmen a Ultimate Fantasy Doll at 2100cad all included.
Do you recommend that brand?
If not I also found this doll I think it is a SDdoll???here’s the link..
Thank you for reply


Hi Tom,

Really enjoying the blog, lots of good info. About to buy my first doll, and am wondering if you think certain brands differ greatly in quality. I’m slightly torn between a Piper doll, A WM doll and YLdoll. I really like all of them, but can sadly only afford one, and would rather go for the highest quality. Thanks!


It actually is helpful. Knowing I can choose without sacrificing quality is reassuring. I’m guessing the Piperdoll is about on the same level?


Hi Tom,
I was wondering if your Meli soft skin doll is a premium? Also Do you recommend spending the extra bucks and getting the premium instead of the regular?

Kenneth Lawrence

Hi tom what are your thoughts on cloud climax would you say they are legit or should we avoid?


Hi, I would like your opinion on the low prices offered on for WM,YL and OR products. This is a site that I have always considered reliable, but now seen the low prices (exsample: wonder if it still is, with 20% discount they seem quite unlikely anyway. What do you think?


Rajj Chinta

Hello Tom, I’m just wondering what you think of bet[…]? Mostly looking at the Sino Doll line, but just the merchant in general. You know the deal, you get asked this daily.


Rajj Chinta

So you would trust doll studio more as a okay place to buy from?

Appreciate it Tom, wouldn’t know these things without you.


So, I ordered a doll from sexdollslab .com. what is your opinion on that site?


Do you have an opinion on gel breasts? I saw your review on hollow vs hard but WM has a new selection. I ordered it and it is coming in approx 30-40 days from the sds that you recommended.


How long ago did you order Tom?


Oh wow that’s long. Can you give me a heads up Tom when you receive yours? I want to use ur time frame as a reference to estimate when mine would arrive. I ordered mine April 11.


April 8th??? So much for that. I ordered mine on april 26th so I aint seeing anything for a while.


Also I was hoping you would get gel breast ones so that I could wait for your review 😆. That’s my next purchase, but I wanted to see what you thought first.


I’m very curious to know the softness and durability of gel breasts of MW dolls! Especially, some said gel breasts are not appropriate for bigger breast than F-cup. I wonder if its because of less durability. I’m looking forward to your review!


You are awesome. Once I get it Ill tell you all about my experience and opinion of it too. Sorry to bother but I just wanted to know what tou thought about storing your doll in the box that comes with the doll? Is that unsanitary?


im about to order a wmdoll. what skin color and nipple color do you prefer? because I cant trust that the skin color will be same as photos due to lighting


🤣I just realised the way I worded that lmao


XD. But which do you think is better – tan or medium? I heard somewhere that tan has a little bit of red


Hello Tom…are these 2 suppliers legit?,,,,and,,,
Thank you for reply
By the way, I was able to get full refund from a store on aliexpress,,,got lucky I guess


Well they offer one at 1,350 CAD plus 260 Shipping if adding stanging option and removable vagina. I can’t send picture here…but this is link:….
And this one also 1350CAD.……..And this one is in states.


ok you right!! Last but not least…went on sexdoll-shop..chose customed doll..comes to 1934usd…….now “” in usa, have doll….200us less….are they legit…sending you link


Yes they are very generous with what they give at sexdoll-shop..
Have you noticed on sexdollalley, when choosing the doll they give you choice of “generic” doll or WMdoll…
At least it is the dolls specs


Quick look on Google …this is there phone number,,tried it…got customer service : +1 404-720-3013
They are in Atlanta Georgia


Hello again Tom…
Since sexdolls-shop ship from US and prices in US, I looked for Canadian distributers…found,,shipping from Toronto, no taxes. Instead of 2700cad , it comes out to 2340cad for exact same..
🥺pleaaase tell me they’re ok and good🙏🙏lol
The link is below


HI Tom,
I like your site.
I am interested in a doll on this website:
Do you think it is legit?


Hi Tom,
Thanks for your suggestion, I found the same doll on this website:
I read here, you gave this site references, are they good to do business with ?
Thanks again.


Hi tom i would like to ask if clo[…]imax is a scam site and if you know a good site with jy dolls


Hi Tom, thank you for the informative reviews. I’ve been wondering if you had any knowledge about the new AI ones coming out that aren’t from RealDoll. I’ve been wondering if they’re good or if the internal heating/moaning tech features are still bunk. Thanks in advance.

Here’s a link to get a better idea of what I’m talking about


Thank you for the info. I’m interested in the AI development tech and hopefully it is more commercial friendlly within this decade. Unfortunately, I don’t have thousands of dollars to throw around to test dolls, so I have to turn to fellow user review. Do you know if there are other startups in the US beside Real? A Google search only came up with many drop ship sites that you mentioned.


Tanks for the reviews Tom! Just wondering about torso sex dolls. Any recommendations or good websites to check?


“Hi, Tom. I want to apologize in advance for my terrible English and ask for your advice. On this site I want to buy this doll, the seller claims that it is an original from WM doll, which I can check by writing the doll code on the official WM website. What do you think of this ? Will it look exactly like the doll you saw in one of your videos ?


Tom, First of all thank you for all the information you have shared. I am looking to purchase my first doll, and the information you have shared has been invaluable. I use a VR headset and am looking to introduce a doll to make it a more immersive experience. In this case model having the weight of the doll, skin to skin, hair to skin and ass and breasts to feel while in VR, is what I am looking for in a doll. Is there a medium range quality product that you recommend since I won’t even see the doll… Read more »


How will covid 19 affect the sex doll market?
And LOL at most of sexdollshop fast delivery out of stock with this quarantine going on.


They don’t use boats for big stuff like this?

John is this site legit to buy from?


Hi Tom I’m looking for a doll I like the 6YE dolls and do you do wear a place That i can trust. Do you no i thing about Sil[…]overs


Hey Tom do you no anything about Sil[…]overs

jesu Nicholson

Tom. nice blog. got a business idea for you lol. You need to hook this man up with some of your recommended doll suppliers haha. get some of the pornstars to consent to get their faces made by this man. and attach the faces to the dolls. everybody makes more money and the dolls looks way more realistic haha


Hello Tom,
what do you think about this reseller?


Thank you for your analysis. I certainly agree with you it’s very risky to deal with Chinese people, but I can also say not all of then are dishonest. The two details you’re pointing to are easily explainable in not suspect ways: the first is a simple interpretation matter, the second, well, maybe they started with a different site name? I checked their Italian website and the creation date is 2015-11-06, so nothing wrong here. Their public contact seem to be named Roberto, an Italian name. I just hoped for some kind of direct or indirect knowledge about them. Obviously,… Read more »

Kenneth Lawrence

Hi Tom I’m Kenny, I am also starting a mobile sex doll brothel in Europe starting with the wm 166 cm C cup. I just wanted to know if you find this business has a good turnover and if you have any advice you could give me on things to look out for, things to impliment or avoid. I found you on youtube and have watched all of your videos on both accounts ten times over lol and love the content 👍. When it comes to sex dolls you’re definitely NO1# and would really appreciate any help you could give… Read more »

Kenneth Lawrence

Thanks alot Tom yeah that was very helpfull. I wanted to know as well if you ask them for a deposit just incase they damage the dolls skeleton or TPE and if not what is the best way to go about this?

And surely the women in Quebec cant be that bad? 😅


Thank you Tom for all the information you’re providing with this site.

I have a question about TPE dolls: can they be licked/kissed?
I’m thinking about the colors: are they dangerous? will they come off?
About TPE itself: can it be damaged?

A common suggestion I read is to use “baby powder” after washing and drying, but what is “baby powder”? Talcum powder? I’m not sure it would be safe to ingest it. Zinc-oxide powder? It’s a lot safer.

Someone say to use starch powder: it would be edible, but I’m not sure it’s hygienic.


Thanks for the answers.

About TPE: my question was if it can be damaged by licking it. I wasn’t clear enough, now I see it.


I know this is not your kind of dolls, but do you know if Ca[…]ll is a reputable manufacturer? https://ca[…]ub/
Is there a reputable seller in Europe for this brand?
Do you think a doll like this one https://ca[…..]0 will be considered “underage”?


Do you recognize the producer of this doll?


Maybe AXBDOLLS? Do you know this manufacturer?


Do you know anything about the WM Doll store on aliexpress? One sex doll review site it claiming it is real and based on the prices in the store (pretty high) I almost believe them. It has been open three years and uses the name WM Doll which I would think if it was fake then WM would have gotten it taken down. Here is the link: https://wmdol[…]33c7aJ2ghZ3


Hello Tom,
I have read your warnings but having a limited budget, I ordered a doll on aliexpress.
The store I bought it from is called Real Sexdoll Store. Do you have info on them?
I know these are knockoffs, but decent enough? They sent me warehouse pics of bodies not the ones you see on website and they looked decent enough…
It’s a “copy” of a wmdoll that looked decent.
Any feedback from this store


I have just sent them..waiting for your reply


Hey Tom. Not all of us can afford a $500+ doll.
Any suggestions on legit sites to get a solid doll for around $100-$300?


Hi, Tom. I’m really struggling with my decision to purchase a WM 166cm C-cup. The main problem is the skin tone. “Tan” in all of the promotional photos looks perfect. But in the “real” photos and videos provided by (whom I plan to buy from), they show “tan” as being very much lighter. So much so, in fact, that it almost looks like two completely different products. Here’s a great example: This pic is as close to natural light as I can find from WM’s promotional material, listed as WM 166cm “tan”: This pic is a screenshot of… Read more »


That is a great comparison. The model on the left truly looks tanned, almost a bronze-like skin tone, while the one on the right, even though labeled “tan” by WM, looks quite literally pale in comparison.

Photos are one thing. It’s the videos that WM has put out that are truly baffling. I won’t belabor the point, but the following is probably the best example. I time-stamped it to show what calls “Erika”, with “tan” skin:

How that can be equal to this: is mystifying.

In any case, thanks for the thorough answer!


I wish I saw this site and your Youtube before I made my Amazon purchase. My 80lb product nearly threw out my back and nearly killed me when I tried to clean off the powder she was caked with in the shower. Still, not a bad tester for only around $600. But I still wish I got something else at times. I’m looking to purchase another in the near future and this time I’m doing my research. I am thinking of getting one from Fandolls before I came here. So far it’s the only one that I can tell that… Read more »


I was hoping to get this after doing several scam checks and review checking. I even got some help via their chat option. And this was my last option to getting one of the super small mini types too.

I doubt you have any mini suggestions?


Hey Tom, is legit?   To update, as far as I am aware is NOT legit. I emailed them asking a bunch of questions about 24 hours ago and got no response. I also email 6ye (supplier on their website) and they said that is not legit. I was extremely determined to find the dolls I wanted on there and after hours of google reverse image searching and website scrolling I found out that they were aibei/3Xdolls. I have seen people mention aibei and 3X on other forums and some other places, and a bunch of websites… Read more »


To update again about, I found out on a forum that they do send dolls and these of are quite good quality (apparently according to one dude), but they are not the actual dolls from the brands listed. They did reply to me but for now I’m gonna try find a legitimate vendor. The dolls I am after are:   I found them on a couple other sites but I haven’t yet found them on a site listed on this the legit site list in the doll forum (I’ll also add that Sex… Read more »


Larry could you please update me because I found a doll on which perfectly fits my taste and is not offered on the other established sites. Did you get get it and were you happy with it? Scam or nah?

Last edited 26 days ago by Ryan

Excuse me for posting a porn vid here, but the doll is sexy. Any guess on where to get this based on the way it looks? Would you be able to guestimate its maker/vendor from the video?



Hi Tom. That 162 E-cup you reviewed in January 2020. The model from the website shows pubes. Yours did not come with them. Did you choose the option with no pubes when you ordered? Also. I checked with WM, and they said that DollsClub is legit vendor. What do you think?


Hey, is the store cozsx on aliexpress ok? is it scam? thankyou



Hey Tom, do you know if https://www.dol[…] Is a reliable vendor, i have chatted little with “Fabian” in the chat but i cant come to a conclusion on if he is a scam, Im a first time buyer and have saved kind of long for a doll

Also i want to customize my doll is that a problem since he dosnt have it in stock?


I mainly wanted to comment my experience as information for others in my type of situation. Despite your advice, I decided to buy one of those $800 170cm aliexpress dolls mostly cause I just wanted something decent to hold while sleeping. Dont really care about the finer details much or to spend $2k for a real one. I told them I wanted the “removable vag” and paid an extra $30 for it. Took about two weeks to get it. Damn thing really is heavy, which I thought would be ok but I wish it was a little lighter. Some weight… Read more »


Hello Tom, I am planning on buying a a sex doll from, but I was wondering if sleeping with any kind type of doll from that site throughout the night daily create damage to the structure of the doll? I want to becareful, because these dolls are not very cheap and I don’t want to break them this way. I saw “The Sex Doll Channel 2” talk about this, but I wanted to hear your personal opinion about what you think. It would mean a lot. Thank you! – link to video

Melanie Stephenson

Hi. Which site do you recommend I’m a first time buyer and have already been nearly scammed once.


Hello Tom, Two questions: 1. What do you think of https://www.saf[…] ? It does seem a legit site/vendor on the surface, dolls in stock, US phone, decent website and normal prices, and even a Youtube channel that does seem professional. The part that makes me raise an eyebrow is that all their dolls are currently on a ~30% discount and a “fake” time-limited offer ( which resets when you returns to the site ). Any feedback ? 2. Do you have any tips / advice on how to throw your doll away if you want to get ride of it… Read more »


Oh, thanks, that’s good to know, yeah I did a comparison with other sites and saw the prices were similar.

For throwing a doll away, how is the interior done ? How are the metal pieces assembled ? If I ripped the fabric off, would it just then be a matter of un-screwing the metal parts ? is it easy or do I need special tools ? Thanks.


You got a brother you said in Canada… That interesting. When your sexdoll get a little used, did you sell them at discount price? hehehe Anyway, I got some question for you. I almost fall in love with a doll lol, photo look just to good to be true but then I discover this doll everywhere at different price. some in 800 some in 1600. But im scare that i go for the 1600 and actually get the cheap one from a scapper with high marging of profit that try to look make it look real deal with the price.… Read more »


Hi, Tom! Have you heard of I ordered and I’m wodnering if I got ripped off? Let me know what you think. Thanks!


Thanks for the reply. I am also trying to get my money back from an Alibaba scam. I noticed it was a scam before he shipped it. The order was placed on Monday. I tried canceling it starting Tuesday. Do you think I’ll get my $650 back?