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As you know by now, I am a sex doll expert. I have bought many of them, I know the market, I know sex dolls, I know what I am talking about.

Just ask me any question you want in the comment section below and I will answer you.

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Hi Tom,

I really need a lockable case where I can store my 140cm doll. Do you use any and do you have any recommendations?


hi tom can you help me if these two companies are legitimate joy love doll and sex doll alley ..? to


Hello Tom. First off, thank you so much for all your efforts and info! So great to have you to mentor us newbies. Your advice for a fittest time buyer would be appreciated. Iโ€™m debating between the 157 b cup and 166 c cup. They are similar body type, great asses on both. Hight, I like the taller the better and I like the boobs better on the 166 as they can be hollow. The 157 is still supper hot even with the smaller boob. What is your advice as to the weight difference. Should I sacrifice the c cup… Read more »


Thank you Tom!
Appreciate all your help!!!


I was wondering if UFDolls is legit ?


Thank you


Do you think maybe putting something like this on the bolts on their feet could protect them from rusting even after getting wet ?

Nick Prices seem to good to be true, but the site is well done with reviews and “customer photos”.


I’m average length, but I have exceptional girth, like in the top 5% of men ( so I’m told by experienced women + only the widest condoms fit me ). Will this be a factor in damage and durability of the doll’s vagina? The consumer demand is tilted toward tight vaginas.
If this is an issue, I guess I should experiment with fleshlights, get an idea of the spec that suits me, then ask for that custom spec in the doll, right?


Hi Tom, what do you use to protect the bolts on their feet from getting wet when washing them off in the shower?


Are silicon wives a dropship company?


how long does a WM sex doll last?

Mark Privett

Hi tom.
I’m looking to buy my first toy but I’m not sure about the site . Is tantaly a trusted site ?
Or any suggestions to any good sites for half doll/dolls


is the doll channel a legit to buy from


Ricky at the doll channel
is honest and always helpful. Have purchased 2 dolls with him. He has a weekly YouTube channel as well. He is awesome


Hello Tom, I found you advices very useful, thanks for that. I have a question, from what i could tell i think you regard Tantaly as a legit company. I myself bought recently a doll from them, and it sure feels great and realistic, but i dont actually have a a doll from another company to compare. I’m inclined to buy this other model from them: But i was trying to find in the net other similar dolls (torso without head, and a bit of legs), but i cant seem to anything that matches this Tantaly model. Do you… Read more »


Are firedoll a legit company making replica wm dolls? I see a lot of doll sights don’t stock firedoll, and have been told that they stole their blueprint from wm?


Aquarium pumps are the best thing for drying out the holes. Don’t have to be too powerful. It’s the air flow that matters after washing holes, I smear the tube With vaseline (tpe dolls only), and thread it right up until you hear s squelchy sound, and the pump motor labours. Then take the tube back barely an inch. Leave overnight. Job done. Do you use them Tom?

Gary W Pugh

Hello, bought a doll 2 weeks ago. Was surprised of how dark the TPE is. Almost gray? I guess the take there pics at the factory with flash ? I want to get another doll, but, i see their skin is rather rough, not smooth like a real girl. Any advice ? I just read to rub baby all over it. Thanks.


Hi ! Love your reviews , thank you !
I know youโ€™re a boob guy and I like them to, but the pussy is also important to me ! What dolls have the most realistic look ! I like big lips or labia . I noticed this is a difficult area to make realistic looking . Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

Kenneth J Wiesner

Tom You are awesome Thank you so much for helping us out. So glad I found your site before I make a purchase I have found one particular and a very unique doll that has inspired me to own one. Here is the link. Do you think it’s legit or no?



just ordered a WM 162cm E, in the confirmation email it warned of leaving the doll in one place or having a joint bent for very long as it can damage the skin or flatten the ass. Can you expand on this matter from your experience? I was planning on either leaving the doll in bed or sitting her on the couch. Definitely thought I could have her in bed all night. Thanks!


Hey Tom !!!

How do you wash out the holes of your dolls with the built-in vaginas and standing feet after use? Do you hang them up or stand them up over a container, etc? Do you use a vaginal douche or something similar? And after washing her love hole(s), how do you dry them out? I have read some people use tampons, aquarium pumps and other things. Thanks for your excellent website ๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks. What do you use to protect the bolts on their feet from getting wet?

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Any update on the WM 174cm G cup review. Dying to get some info and your thoughts.


Hey Tom,
So far your site has been a gold mine of information. I’m considering opening up a brothel in my area and would love to pick your brain on the subject. Questions such as location, services, pricing, deposits, durability, cleaning, etc. Would you be willing to chat?


What about
So far showing me real photos on request answering my questions etc they have been great.. I was about to place an order..


Thank you for the heads up!
If you don’t mind me asking… Scammers on which way? As in I won’t receive my product?
Keep in mind I am only ordering a head.

Thank you in advance


Sorry to be a pest but I am new to this. What is your opinion of ESDoll. Another scam??


Hi been looking and was wondering your thoughts on this site and doll???

Jonathan Brown

Bought my first firedoll in November 2020. “Georgina”. Great doll. Hands are about done in, but I knew to expect that what with the flimsy design. I have equipment and know how to customize them. Taking out the wires and hot-kniving The ten tiny wounds.will be a start. Mouth tore inside. Fixed it with cold weld using home made filler from tpe pieces and tpe glue. Success! Second doll “Avery” bought last month. She was covered in corn starch. Too me looked like a new doll that had been standing a while. Shoulder blades and bum covered in deep creases… Read more »


Have you ever had dealings with or heard about “”? If so what is your opinion about them. Appreciate your time.


Tom do you have your review on the WM 174cm G cup available yet?


Are Neodoll the same as Lucidtoys. What kind of quality can I expect from them?

Tyler Greer

Hey Tom, sorry I got another question for you. Do you know if costume jewelry will stain the Piper TPE dolls skin? Something like this

Tyler Greer

Hey Tom, ๏ปฟI just checked out what all options that WM currently offers on their dolls now and noticed an option for “Ultra soft skin” and also an option for “Resin tongue and teeth sets”. Do you know any good or bad information about these options? And when do you think you will be reviewing them? Thanks this is an amazing website you have done with lots and lots of useful information for us guppies to hopefully not get eaten by the scary sharks lol. ๐Ÿ‘ I ordered a TPE Piper Ariel 140cm for my first try can’t wait till… Read more »


Tom…you mentioned that you just recently reviewed the WM 174 cm G cup. When and will that review be available to read or see. Will you have a vid?


I saw in a previous post that you just reviewed the WM 174cm G cup. Have you posted that review anywhere for us to look at?


I was found a doll on siliconelovers that I like. However the dimension they give for it are different than every other vendor. I’ve tried to ask them about it but they haven’t responded. Should I trust them.


Hi Tom. Are Lucidtoys legit?


Thanks for the reply. I’ll give them a miss then.


Do you have a list of legit uk dolls for around the ยฃ800 mark?


Thanks m8. Much appreciated.


Hello Tom, thank you for your reviews, they are quite helpful. I was looking for dolls out of curiosity and one just caught my attention. I am wondering if you’re planning on reviewing this model at some point : WM Doll 173cm H-Cup. I know you said that heavy dolls can be a pain to carry, but this body type is perfect in my opinion. And The only things I could find about them are just the compagny photos and videos but nothing from actual customer.

Thanks in advance for your response. Best regards.


First off, thank you for the fantastic advice so far! I understand you get what you pay for, but Iโ€™ve found some quality hips from Amazon and these are priced around the same, so Iโ€™m curious if is a legitimate seller. Particularly with the full torso 50lb at the very end. They donโ€™t sell full sized dolls, but the one on there looks like the same found on Tantaly, which is legit.

Again thank you for your help!


I appreciate you writing back! I’m looking at this one, because most of the dolls are legit, so I’m curious if they’re just trying to get rid of these.

And my final question is about this site and if they’re legit in this category. Thank you for what you do!


Hello Tom,

Is a legit and trusted site to buy a doll?


Are Hanidolls good?


Is SDGenie or SRSD legit? Worried about the price! Lol


Hi Tom, I’m trying to decide between the Piper Phoebe doll or the WM Karly Doll, If it you were you, which would you choose. Also, once I get my doll, I’d like to buy sexy clothes and lingerie; do you know what size of clothing these dolls are best for and where do you buy them? Thanks in advance.


Thank you! I actually ended up going with her! Where do you buy outfits that fit from? Amazon?


is the doll channel legit site to buy from


Is legit


Ok lots of people asking bout the kimberdoll so you need to do us a solid and save you on several hundreds of Dollars and Review this Beautiful Kimberdolly specim of a doll already. I started shopping for a doll about 6 years ago and did comit to 1 but was scammed with an actuall blow-up the doll blow up doll.. yeah website talked about All the good stuff on how real shes going to look, Tpe real life like feel ll and sure enough sold me but didn’t sell me what they were supposed to sell me .I end… Read more »


Hi Tom! I found your site (and youtube) while doing research for my first doll. I am looking for a smaller doll and I can’t find many on the sites you’ve recommended so far. I was wondering what you thought of the likes of or . I know both are in China and you reccomend against that, but I am having a hard time finding what I’m looking for. If you have a better recommendation for smaller, flat-chested or AA – B cup doll, I would love to check them out! Thank you for your great info thus… Read more »


Oh no! Well, thank you for your time. I appreciate the double check.


Hi Tom,

I’m looking into the cleaning aspect, and am wondering if a gentle wet microfiber + spray bottle wipe down, while laying the doll flat on a soft surface is a good alternative to showering?

Otherwise do you have any tips to safely get her into the shower?
I have a portable shower head, but I imagine I will want a chair and slippers to prevent damage, and wouldn’t want to leave her standing.


Hi Tom,
What’s your opinion on the “Lubricant-Free Vagina” option…?

Tyler Greer

Hello, I love your articles and videos. Keep up the excellent work ๐Ÿ™‚ I have read contradicting advice on what types of condoms are safe to use with the TPE Piper dolls. What do you recommend? Also, I am looking forward to your review of the Piper Ariel silicone doll with the soft butt.


Just wanted to chime in on this one as Iโ€™m curious as well. So I do understand that the latex condoms are safe but Iโ€™m assuming you all are talking about non-lubricated as well. I do believe most condoms that are Lubricated utilize a silicon based lube which is NOT TPE friendly and should therefor not be used with TPE. Is this correct?


Hello Tom, First thanks for all your work I’ve been interested in getting a doll and this has been extremely helpful. I’ve been looking at quite a few sites and am interested in this doll model( but, I’ve only been able to find this one as pictured on this site as most if not all the other sites offer a variation of this doll without this particular hair. It’s not a deal breaker but I really do want it with this hair, any recommendations on where to reliably find wigs or if this is some shady knockoff they’re trying to… Read more »


Hi Tom. I have a question regarding a particular doll rather than a website. This doll is a YL doll and can be found here:
I simply want to know if the way her vagina looks should be of any concern regarding the model itself. Thank you.


Thank you for all the information. I’ve opted to go with your Canadian store of choice and have quite a bit of communication with Marco. It surprised me when I sent an email and got a response after business hours, 3 times the same night! I felt the need tell him to go to bed because I’m surprised how late he was responding, like 11pm CST. It looks like my first doll is ready to be shipped and I’m excited for this. I bought a SE Doll so I’ll let you know if I discover anything about it.

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Hello Tom,

I appreciate all the work you have done in your research and sharing your knowledge. I have purchased a WM doll as well as a Piperdoll and am very happy with the quality of both models. Are there any other (affordable) brands you would recommend. I like Realdoll however the cost I can not justify. I also wanted to add I have purchased from sexdollsshop (your recommendation) as well as SD Canada and would recommend both.



John Johnson

fellatio, head, blow job? Nearly all the doll heads seem to have oral pleasure as an afterthought. The Mechadoll and Real Doll models look like they offer a real advantage because of the way the face is attached. But I don’t have $5000 plus dollars for a doll. What manufacturer do you recommend for lifelike oral pleasure?


Hi Tom, I am so glad to find you and learn more about how the sex industry work. I do have a question about fine love dolls website? They claim to be legit but I am still not too sure about them. Do you think so? Also will you review the piper doll D cup Akira at some point?


Thanks for the reply Tom. And I am looking forward to the review! :3


Hey Tom, I was wondering if you are still going to do a review for Piper Doll Ariel (the silicone version). I’m having a hard time finding any video of her.

Richard Davidson

Hello Tom, Have you had any feedback on a sales site call Do you have any experience or feedback on Starpery brand dolls? I am interested in their doll called Elizabeth / Emmanuelle (depends on who is selling it). In talking to the people at they were giving me a lead time of 8 weeks. You thoughts or comments on this?


Richard Davidson

Thanks for the information. MyRealDolls just seemed a little off when I talked to them.


Hey Tom forgot to ask on those heads for kimberdoll if you have any feedback so far on this subject.that’s if it’s true that any TPE head fits kimberdoll body…or do the same rules apply or can you get cheap heads from US cheap doll sites…I havent shopped around but I see them starting at $300 for just the head or do I need to pay more for a legit head? Or are heads easier to deal with without getting scammed. SRSD are probably the cheapest not by much but this is your least favorite legit site. Kimber has a… Read more »


Hey Tom have a few questions for you on your recommendations also just want to say thanks.. thanks to you I finally got a legit doll, cheap but legit! Unless cheap is equal to a with that said; so I know now why they’re calling it a starter doll. This Kimberdoll will tell u exactly what you need to get if it’s just the beginning cuz man these things are a challenge, they make you work for it before they give it up, you were right about the weight and even at 64lbs this thing was a challenge, I… Read more »


Hi have you got any info on premiumdolls company prices look good and the guy I spoke to ran them up good as they do and the heated function they have sounds really good ???


hello tom. Thanks again for the information you gave. I like big tits and big butt like you too. I met with Marco but forgot to mention you ๐Ÿ™ I’ll tell you to give me a discount.https: // I love the body of the doll on this link but Its height is very short. Can you recommend me a quality doll that looks like the doll in this link.I want it to be longer than 1.60 cm.can you find it. Thank you very much now. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™


I wanted to ask about the Piper doll 100 CM, is this safe to buy in the US? or does it vary by state?


I was wondering if you know anything about Thinking of buying from them but unsure if I should.


Hey Tom, what feels better?
Fixed or Removable vagina (sleeve)?
I’ve heard that the fixed ones feel better because of the consistency
(built-in, rather than a sleeve, which is a separate part that can move around within the cavity)

Tyler Greer

His Bazooka doesn’t fit in the sleeves ๐ŸŒฝ


Hi, I’ve scoured a lot of your forum, but I’d like to ask you a few questions anyway if I can. I live in Europe and am looking for a site to buy from. Are the following all legitimate? SexDolls-Shop (taken into consideration, I know it’s legit but at least I remember it) Then I would have a doubt about the basic model: WM 166/C (really like it) WM 156/H (really like it) WM 167/H Fitness (really like it) WM 172/D WM 164/D SE 167/H (really like it) I ask you because I’m on my… Read more »


Helped a lots! Planning to buy soon


just wanted to know if uxdoll is a good website?

Mike Wedge

Hello, I would like your assessment of the following providers: https: //
All three providers advertise with discounts.
My residence is Germany.


Is there a review of the Kimber Doll coming soon. Been eyeing it for a while now since it seems the best bang for your buck beginner doll.

Tawnica Burton

I wanted to ask you about my http://www.myreal and There are a couple of the dolls here that we are interested in. They are $2500.00 with free shipping. Does this sound correct?


I recently tried to buy I wish I would have found your website previously because they promised 2 weeks and it has been 2 weeks and I don’t even have tracking information. They are not responding to my emails so I requested a dispute of the transaction with my cc. It appears that this is a TPE fake of this doll… My question is do you think if I order from siliconelovers that I will have a smooth transaction? If ulovers somehow comes through with a tpe version should I trust it? I have heard that TPE can… Read more »


Hello, how do you store these dolls? Reason Iยดm asking is because I live in a very small apartement. I canยดt think of a place to put these dolls if i ever get a visitor. They dont seem to be possible to take apart, so you would need to store them in full size of 100cm+?


I’m looking for the best options for moving sex robots. Thanks


Honestly, I would love something like this. The problem is that it typically costs 10s of thousands of dollars to get something that smooth and they’re just prototypes or proofs of concept, too costly to ever really sell.

Hi, I want to buy this doll from the company – firedoll, or jydoll. Is this site legit? If not where to buy the original. thanks in advance

Not sure if it’s real, almost seems too good to be true, listened to your advice, and came to the conclusion of 50/50, love to have a second opinion.


is real love sex dolls good?

The one,,,
Which one is real and fake


Hey Tom. Thanks for the great blog, it’s very informative.
I’m looking into purchasing a WM doll myself.
Specifically, the 157cm B, 162cm F or the 166cm C.
You reviewed 157cm B, 162cm E, and 166cm C.
(162cm F, I’ve been told, is basically the 162cm E, but only larger breasts)
Out of the three, which one do you think is the most realistic / has the highest quality?
FYI, this would be my first doll.
Thanks again.


Thanks for the feedback.
Just ordered the WM 162cm E, but with a F cup.
(same dimensions as the 162 E, but a cup size larger)
Unfortunately it doesn’t have the soft skin, but since it’s my first doll, thought it would be prudent to go with something more durable while I learn how to maintain and care for it.

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I am new to this whole thing and wanted to know if and are legit
Many thanks


Would you say this website is legit to buy from? , the dolls i like are the thick ones like this

Russian Bear

Good time of day. I live in Russia and I want to inform you that one of the bloggers publishes your videos but with his own voice and offers to buy dolls of questionable quality. Please: Contact YouTube technical support to block the channel.

Russian Bear

I hope everything will be resolved favorably. I am very sorry that a person misleads other people and I could not pass by and not tell you.


Tom, wanted to chime back in and get your thoughts/advice on a few things. Iโ€™m currently working with Marco on potentially getting the WM Doll Alina 5โ€7 174cm G cup in the ultra Soft skin option. I am very well aware that the heating option does not work in these dolls so Iโ€™m not even considering it. How effective is the use of a electric blanket and how long does it typically require to properly warm the dolls skin? Any idea from experience if any? Also what do you recommend for the internal vaginal canal considering the doll would be… Read more »


what do you think about this company, must be counterfeits, right?
But do you think I get any doll at all, if order and pay with paypal?
Is there also semi-good counterfeit dolls exist?

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J Sekulski

Is sex doll alley legit or should I be looking to buy a wm brand doll elsewhere


I see gets some mentions in my research. Any opinion on them?


Hello Tom, please ignore my previous post just now, it was unfinished and i can’t edit nor delete it… I have ordered 166cm with increased cup size (C to D) and i don’t really think its what i prefer, that i might re-order and sell this one off … i would like to ask few questions…, 1. I have noticed that the her upper body looks a bit thicker than original and her waist is 57 instead of 53 ……. is it possible to order them to increase silicone only on the breasts and not affect other parts of upperbody… Read more »


really? but i also got a WM Manual with Anti fake code to put in WMdoll website which i have put in and it says it’s legit , could it be possible?? or only the manual is legit ?_?


ok ill send a small video clip in that mail as soon as i get home, thank you Tom


i’ve sent both pictures and videos in your mail. hope it is what you are expecting

thank you Tom


the fag should have told me it’s not possible to up breast size instead of sending me other wm body .. i’m not satisfied with this body , wm 166 looks much better .. Thank you so much Tom , wish you healthy and happy on everything you wanted


Hi Tom!
What kind of page do you think this is?


Tom is https://th[…] legit?

Also are minis (65-80cm) supposed to be in the $500-$800 price range?

thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰


Thank you Tom ๐Ÿ™‚
who would you suggest to buy Dollhouse 168 dolls? Peferably 80cm?


Hi Tom!
What do you think a starting doll would be like?
I’m worried it’s not Tpe!

Milk temptation

Hi Tom,

I saw a retailer that offered a tpe option for jy dolls that said
Platinum (No Oil) TPE: A high quality TPE blend with a more realistic and less oily feel. This blend is less sticky, has a more minimal odor, and does not need to be oiled or maintained. Costs an additional $175.”
Is this option legit/worthwhile? Thanks for your insight.

Milk temptation

Just to clarify, any new piperdoll wouldn’t need to be maintained with babyoil?


just in follow up to my other comment/questions after I get the Iris model I will be saving up for and same questions, legal in Canada and arms, fingers etc will they break if i sleep cuddling her? I would like to get one over 5′ tall but they are all so expensive and waaaaaaaay out of my price range


thank you very much for your help here


hello, just found your site here and you have helped me make up my mind on a doll I will be purchasing in next few months, I am low income and need to save for a bit, but I am going to get the piper doll I have 2 questions, 1/ is she legal in Canada? I’m worried cause from what i have read it is subjective to the customs officer working? and 2/ how sturdy are hands and fingers? would i be able to sleep cuddling her with out breaking her?


Thanks for the reply!


Hi Tom. Thank you for your excellent site and good advice. I observed that your recommended site started offerring a new brand from SE. They are a bit more expensive. Would you recommend this brand? It is difficult to research brands in this area obviously and one has to rely on trusted advice from a legitimate source.
Kind regards.


How about azmtect. being legit as far as not scamming, looks like knockoffs but will they ship it.


Hi Tom.
Help me.
I want to buy this babe but I’m new to this word.
I live in Brazil and i saw this site.

They are legit?
If not can you tell me where to buy the model above?
Thanks for the infos and for your time.

joshua jackson is this shop in canada and can the payment be change from usd to cad?

joshua jackson

aperently when we bring it up to pay for it with paypal it comes up as usd only


Hi Tom, in your opinion which sex dolls have the most realistic looking vagina and ass?


Hi Tom, do you have any opinion on gynoid silicone dolls? Are they worth the price?


These are not robots, they are premium silicone dolls that cost between 3500 and 4500 dollars. I was wondering what is the quality difference between those and TPE dolls from brands like WM.

Ric is legit ? good discount for xmas with offers…


Found this video. Crash test by french porn actors. Enjoy !

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x