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As you know by now, I am a sex doll expert. I have bought many of them, I know the market, I know sex dolls, I know what I am talking about.

Just ask me any question you want in the comment section below and I will answer you.

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Hi Tom, you’ve helped me tremendously on my search for a doll. Not only have you kept me from falling for scammers (or just drop shippers, best case), I also understand much better what kind of doll I’d like to have. Turns out I’m a sucker for realism. I hope you can give me your advice on that. Because realism means very expensive, which means I’m worried about burning my money. Can you give me your opinion which manufacturers produce the most realistic looking dolls (in the wild, not just in promo shots)? And maybe also comment on quality and… Read more »


Hey Tom,

Is there any chance you are planning to do a video about new Piper silicone Ariel?



Hey Tom, I am wondering about the website. Know anything about them? Legit? Scam? Thanks in advance.


Hey Tom I was wondering if fairdolls is legit, I saw a doll I wanted but I don’t want to be scammed.


Hi Tom! I wanted to know your opinion about a page named sexdollgenie to know if they’re legit or fake, because i would like to buy this YL 150CM K-CUP Sex Doll, they’re pretty expensive and I just want to know if there’s no risks with this page, if there’s some risks, do you know any other page where I can find this same model with the similar features? Also I would like to ask something about the breasts, for that breast size, the Jelly TPE and the Gel Breast implants can be possible? I’m looking for a super realistic… Read more »


Hey Tom hope your well mate. I am fellow Canadian currently living and working here in Taiwan. I have been here in Tawian for about 6 years and do a ton of travelling back and forth between here and China.Ii do have a private question regarding the brothel and was wondering if i would be able to send you a private message or email. cheers


Hey Tom, wanted to know if you had an opinion on, legit? They claim to be located in TX, USA.


I just need a second opinion on these! I looked at them myself and thought they are scam sites. and
would love your advice!


Hi I’m thinking about buying a first time doll. I was wondering if you don’t select a wig will it just give you the wig in the picture?

Alex Garza

What’s the cheapest full body sex doll on the market?


Hi, Tom. I very much appreciate your blog and videos. I’m looking to purchase my first doll and want to be sure I get the right one, or at least one I’ll enjoy, my first attempt. For that reason I’ve selected sexdolls-shop as my supplier and am thinking about going with this doll: My questions are below, and forgive me if you’ve answered them elsewhere, I didn’t happen upon the discussion. 1) What would you say is the life expectancy is of the TPE dolls? For the $2k price tag, I just want to understand how often I would… Read more »


Hey Tom what do you think about these vendors?
Thanks for the reviews.

Jay Sands

Any thoughts on Loxdolls sold on az by abydoll ?


and confused about China argument. Wm and all major brands are from China


Have you had any luck with Strapery dolls? I spent hours looking for the most realistic doll and they look incredible! Lots of details and tons of options. https://doll[…]lizabeth.html
I just wish the holes where a little higher up in doggy style, but it looks like most dolls have the butthole too far forward…
You saved me from buying a doll from Aliexpress! Thank you so much for putting this site together! I learned a TON!


I’m about to buy my first doll. I have mine picked now looking for seller/best honest site. The one I found on is real[…] is this a good seller or do have one that has never screwed you over? You pointed out in videos some are not good sellers (Doll— 5FT5 / 166C SVETLANABrand: $1,999.99) from reall[…]olls

Last edited 26 days ago by Tom

how about my concern is they promote “sales” from time to time


ok thank you


Hi Tom,
which European doll shop would you recommend? Thanks!


Hey Tom, I have never bought a doll before, and your videos and advice have probably already saved me money, so thank you for that. I was wondering what you thought about the HR line and if you could do a video about them. I really like how realistic the WM dolls are, however I have noticed that their pushy and butt holes are not the most realistic. Piper dolls are beautifully made, but the models look too childish to me. I want a woman, not an elf… So, in looking towards the middle ground HR came up. I’d really… Read more »


Hi there,

I am very interrested in this product and i would like to know if you could validate legitimicy of vendor/product please:

Thank you


Hello Tom, you are producing great content for us viewers. This is my first real thought of purchasing a doll, I’ve been thinking about it for years and in the next few days or week I’ll be making the purchase. I will be purchasing from yo[…] and wanted to see your thoughts on the site. I had numerous questions and conversations with them, their English was really good and they answered everything adequately. As a disabled veteran with PTSD (mental health disability) I’ve come to terms that I won’t be able to have someone in my life, so I’ve been… Read more »


Hi Tom, I recently made the mistake of purchasing from a counterfeit website before doing research. Within the app the website provided (, it states the order hasn’t been shipped and they say that they’ll provide pic of the doll being made (which I doubt now). I haven’t received any updates and was wondering if you think it would be worth trying to cancel to get my money back or if they would probably just keep my money and not send the doll. It seems like the chances of it ending well isn’t great regardless and I’ve defiantly learned my… Read more »


hello Tom, have you tried ? im not sure if this website is legit?

Last edited 1 month ago by Dave

Hey Tom thank your for this resource. I’m trying to start erotic photography and want a doll to practice my lighting, angles, poses etc… is there any specific doll or brand you recommend that may be more photogenic than others. I would also like to use it for its intended purpose so realistic feel would be appreciated. Also would I be able to have the make up done and cleaned on a silicone doll?


Are there companies that still provide soft skinned dolls

Dave Grotti

Hi Tom, I think I’ve finally found my next doll, the WM 162F. My only dilemma is choosing whether to get the soft TPE version with hollow boobs or the default TPE version with gel breasts. I have spoken with several vendors who have said they won’t sell it with soft TPE AND gel breasts, hence my choice. I have a piper doll that I love due to her softness and you have said the WM soft TPE is slightly softer even. Additionally I had a previous WM doll (155DD) that I sold because her skin was simply too firm.… Read more »


This is for future dolls. I was wondering if you have any recommendations for fully custom dolls. Like provide face and body pics and they make the custom doll to my standards. Any Ideas? I tried to find one but no success.
thats the only realish link I found

Last edited 1 month ago by Andy

Le site que vous recommander toujours,, c’est une compagnie aux USA ou au Canada ? J’imagine que c’est pas au Canada si la douane ouvre vos boîtes…
Savez-vous si qui sont à Boisbriand sont legit ? Merci beaucoup !


Merci beaucoup pour les infos !!!
Où est situé le magasin de ?


Hey I have been looking around for cheapish dolls and came across three sites for the same cheapish doll
Not sure if any are legit, Help me please!


Thanks TOM!


Hi I was wondering if you could tell me if this is legit or not https://www.ka[….]el/

Niccolò Dilda

Dear Tom, you already helped me dodge an unnecessary waste of money: thank you very much! I was hoping to disturb you a little bit more: my brother and I are seriously considering to start a dolls brothel like yours or a sex dolls service! So what are the best dolls companies to start with if we wanted the best with the least? Shall we wait for black friday discounts? Also I know I may be asking too much but, considering your deep expertise and our commitment, could it be possible to have a private correspondence to disturb you even… Read more »


Hello Tom, I was wondering if Elsa Babe is a legit site. Elsa Babe is offering Silicone dolls at a decent price.


Very helpful and kept me from losing a bunch of $$$ with the Chinese marketplace vendors…Ali something. your videos are so informative and helped me finally reach a decision regarding a doll to purchase. Its going to be the 156cm H-cup series by WM Doll. how about this site is it ok to purchase dolls from, https://www.te[…] ?


Hi Tom, hope you’re well.

I posted a question a few weeks back on if you know anyone that would be interested in the new doll i purchased and you kindly posted it on your chat, thank you.

I was wondering if you have anyone now? or since you own a brothel, would you be interested in taking her =? i wouldnt mind giving you a price cut if you’re interested. She is still brand new, please let me know if you are. Thank you.


Hey Tom

Glad I found your site. Very good info. I found Love Doll Palace in the US that seems to be valid. They say they ship to a US warehouse and inspect before shipping to the customer? Are the legit and any opinions?



Hey Tom

I took your advise and ordered from your suggested vendor. Looking forward to getting my first real doll. I did order a knock off doll before I discovered your site. I guess I got lucky and got a decent product but it was too heavy and didn’t look like the picture. Once I get the new doll I’ll give everyone a review



So I had a bit rough time of ordering but the vendor did help. The first was made and I got the pictures to approve. They didn’t make it with the standing feet like I ordered. The vendor had them go back and make again. I requested shipping via a carrier to a local store for pick up. The manufacture sent with the competitor so of course delivery was refused. I was able to receive it but had to chase it down. I would definitely suggest using a vendor since I wouldn’t have gotten what I order and paid for.


Hi Tom, I have a bit of an unusual situation. You have been, by far, the most knowledgeable person I have been able to find in the past few days of research, so I hope you can help me. I’ll be honest – I’m a girl who is building an online reselling business selling bras and lingerie. I don’t feel comfy modeling myself for safety reasons (I had some bad experiences in the past) and I can’t afford to pay a model for the hundreds of bras I need photographed. That’s where the silicone/TPE doll comes in. I found a… Read more »


Hello Tom,

I submitted a question here but it vanished I think? I am wondering about YL Dolls and your opinion of them as a manufacturer? I like a specific head unique to the YL brand. The WM doll bodies seem fantastic. I’ve also been looking at a product in Canada called GOMdoll have you heard of this brand? Are they any good?


Hello Tom,

I am looking at getting my first doll. I just have a few questions. I am looking at the WM dolls. Do you know if the eyes bulge when you use it for oral? Do you find that with the WM dolls not being able to keep the head in a fixed position is a deal breaker? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


Thank you for your response. Do you know if RLSD WM dolls they sell come with the soft skin upgrade or just stock skin? Tried asking them but no response. Have you heard of people using far infrared heating pad to heat their dolls? Its heat can penetrate up to 7″ plus where normal heating blanket only penetrate a inch or two. Also have you ever heard of anyone using a sex swing with their dolls. Seems a good way to take weight from you and to be able to do different positions and motions with little effort. Also I… Read more »


Hi, congratulations on your work, you are helping many souls here. I hope you can advise me I have been looking for a long time for a doll that has 2 fundamental characteristics: 1) The cut of the eyes like a cartoons 2) Best and widespread heating function possible The first seemed that the site: Had what I was looking for, but it has an absurdly ridiculous size (80 cm), they also have a 145 cm high, but they did something wrong has a face similar to a frog: But the real problem is that they don’t have… Read more »


Hi Tom.
Thanks for the answer, Can I ask you another question?
The site I mentioned: Dokidoll. Would you advise me against it?


For the WM 157 b cup or the WM 166 c cup in the “soft skin”, what would you consider the life expectancy to be based on a couple of “encounters” a month [work keeps me away]? Also, would the standard TPE hold up a lot better?


Hey Tom,

Could you please tell your stance on WMdoll 168cm E-cup? Namely this one.


Thanks Tom for answer. Do you know of any way I could get one with the head as advertised?


Hello Tom.
I’m currently trying to decide on my first doll. The wm 162e, 166c and 172d look amazing and i can’t decide so i wanted to ask your opinions on them.

i know it comes to personal preference, but maybe you have some objective inputs like a model lacks something, or has something the other 2 dont etc.

I’d really appreciate your inputs.


Hello Tom,

I just recently bought my first doll and i am curently waiting for her to arrive, i just wanted to ask, what kind of soap should i be using to clean her with? Also is it true that baby oil is safe to use on the doll to remoisturize her?

Jan Mraz

Hi, your site is great, I’m glad I discovered it. My question is: Is there any database where I can compare the original doll with fakes? To see how different the individual counterfeits are and how many versions of the counterfeits exist.
PS: I really enjoyed your video compare fake and the original doll (the fake doll was horrible :-D).

Jan Mraz

Thanks for your reply. Out of curiosity, I ordered a separate head from Aliexpress, the seller assured me that I will get 100% what is in the photo. I’m very curious what really comes to me in the mail. I expect only the worst, but it would be a pleasant surprise if I were wrong. If you want, I can later send photos of what I ordered and what actually came in the mail. Maybe you could collect photos from other people who were scammed, the database could be created much faster. I have such an idea if you agree.You… Read more »

Jan Mraz

That’s great, I’m already very curious about it.

joshua jackson

is this website based in canada and is this website reliable

nguyen hoang do you think this brand is legit ? if not can you recommend some good brands from china . i can only get dolls in china , it is impossible for me to get dolls from other countries beacause of the law here

G. T.

What do you think about the 140cm WM Doll B-Cup? I really want to get her

G. T.

Thanks a lot for the response Tom! Yeah its her. Could you please link video to her? I cant find it 🙁 thanks!


I have a doll I am sooo in love with. I’m a girl so I mostly want one I can use as a companion (aestheticis the most important). I couldn’t find her on the sites you listed so I’m scared I won’t get what I asked for. She’s princess Samanta sed068 from se doll. Is there a good seller for her?
Thank you so much for the help!


In your experience with the Sex Doll market what are the best clothes one could get for the Doll that would not ruin the skin?


First Time buyer and you really know your shit Tom…what is your thoughts on RACYME.COM??? Fake or legit??


Hey, Tom.

Do you think this site is legit?


OK! Thanks for your info!


Dear Tom, I deeply respect your commitment. Thank you for your great reviews and advices. I have a couple question.
1) I was wondering: “WB Dolls” is considered as a top quality brand in fact their dolls are not cheap at all. Still they are sold on super sales on aliexpress as official partners. Are they legit or tricky imitation? Are they faking WB? I read your acute advices but I can’t come to a conclusion.
2) Also I would like to know if you consider any brand from aliexpress as valid.
I look forward to your opinion.

Ed Sheaefer

Greetings :
Would like to know if DH GATE is a good or bad place to deal with, what about boying a doll head from UXDOLL, and who is ok to deal with besides WM DOLL ?


Hi Tom! What’s your opinion on I saw the site in an earlier comment and they have a decent selection of dolls.


Thank you! I am thinking to do a purchase through a local shop/brothel. They have prices similar to the the link above, but since no question was directed at the above webshop I thought to ask. At the very least the others will be able to see your feedback on beautiful-dolls.


A little additional info on their site is not safe. Anyone can intercept your personal info e.g. username, password, address or whatever you enter on the site.


Hello, Tom.

Are they legit sites? Please let me know. Thank you.


Cent A

Hey, Tom.

Do you know if these two site here are scammers?


Cent A

Your info is helpful. Thanks.


Hi Tom, I recently bought a WMdoll from your recommended supplier and after waiting for a bit, i finally received my doll from and she is absolutely beautiful (thank you). However, she is a little on the heavier side and as sad as i am to let her go, i am considering getting a smaller doll cause of practicality. She is a soft skin hollow breasts WMdoll tan 166cm C cup with WMDOLL Head 159(Erika) brown eyes and WMDOLL head 273-B (Ali) Blue eyes and has never been used. Do you know anyone that might be interested in her? Thank… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by Rey

Thank you so much Tom, do appreciate it.


Hi, Tom. Is this site s scam?


This is unbelievable. Thanks for sharing it.

Johnson .Hey,Tom. Is this site legit?


Opps! I will stay away from it. Thank you for the advice.


Hi Tom, I’ve come to ask for your trusted advice. I’ve been browsing these dolls for well over a year when I had the time and I narrowed it down to this one. https://bea[…]651.html Its apparently for butt/anal lovers and from what I can see from the stock images, I am in love. I couldn’t find it on the sites you personally recommended, either sold out or not carried. This same model is sold on SRSD but I also had a bad experience with this site before and I just don’t want to trust them with all their red flags… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by Tom

Which female brand beside the realdoll brands is more realistic in terms of orifies..and overall look…Irontech..WM..YL..6YE…. looking soon to buy a doll around the 4’9 to 5’1 ..and the irontech 155cm model looked good…your thoughts…thanx.


Hi Tom,
Is TheSilverDoll a legit site?


Hello Tom

What supplier would you recommend for a European customer (Sweden, specifically)? Im only after WM Dolls. Im looking at Sex Doll Shop but they seem to have an absolutely horrendous time getting through the customs. Is that just normal for dolls into Europe in general?


Hello Tom,

Do you know if[…] are legit?


Hi, do you know if this site sells quality sex dolls or if they are just a scam?



Last edited 3 months ago by jon

Hello, I’ve been trying to find out if is legitimate. They claim to have dolls stocked in the usa, but those are not customizable and can only be bought as pictured.


Yes, i found out today they were banned from tdf so that’s not good. A bigger concern is recent laws in the U.S. Do you know a good source for individual state and federal laws in the U.S? I read that any sexdolls resembling a minor are illegal in Tn. and a few other states have passed laws on this matter without clear definitions resulting in broad interpretations. (“possession of,” “transportation of,” etc) Then there’s – Jurists United to Stop Trafficking Imitation Child Exploitation Act of 2019 Sponsored by Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan.


Hey there! First of all, I would like to appreciate the fact that you are doing this. I’ve been looking to buy one for myself a very long time ago but seeing how sketchy a lot of the sites are, I keep holding back. With you out here doing the justice of honestly reviewing these things, that is something really admirable and I would like to say thanks where credit is due. Now to my question, I am really, REALLY in love with this one right here: But it is a direct site from the manufacturer, and I am… Read more »

Hi Tom i don’t know the price of this doll this is scam?


Hi there,
I was wondering if anyone could tell me the brand of this doll, or a trustworthy site that sells this doll.


Thanks Tom, if sexdollgenie dosen’t reply to my email by the end of the day i’m going with the sexdolls-shop.

Brian willett

Good morning tom I am getting ready to buy my first doll and i am looking to purchase a great beginner doll thats low in cost but good quality can you toss me a few recommendations on where to begin . i have reviewed your blog and it terrific thank you but i just wanted to see what you recommended first hand.


Hello tom, i was wondering if u could tell me if was legit. I had trouble emailing other sex doll sites i was looking at so i was wondering if u could give me your opinion on this site or if u heard any bad rumors about it. Thanks in advance.

Dave Grotti

Is this site legit, Their prices on Piper dolls in particular seem a lot lower than


Dave Grotti

Thanks, I’ll stick to the ones you recommend in that case


Do you happen to know what type of paint or makeup wm or yl use for the nipples and if they fade?


Kevin Hall

Hi Tom, I recently got the Risako torso from sexdolls-shop before going with a full-sized doll, and found that the holes are extremely narrow even with a fixed vagina. No amount of lubricant helped at all. It sounds funny, but I was afraid I was going to seriously injure myself. Luckily, I just gave up altogether. I don’t know if this is a common thing with Piper Dolls, so I am trying to find out if this is a one-off thing, or if you’ve ever seen this yourself. I know you found the inserts to be too small with Piper… Read more »

Kevin Hall

Hi Tom, I used quite a bit of water-based lube. I had to reapply about 8 times over the course of an hour and half. Because the torso has no legs, it’s somewhat harder to penetrate. It pushes everything back out. I am only 5″ long and about 4.5″ girth, so there should be no problem. When I tilted the pelvis to about 45 degree upward, it kind of works, but I have to either kneel away from the doll or be in a push up position so as not to crush the breasts which are hollow. It seems this… Read more »

Kevin Hall

Thanks, Tom.
That’s the way it goes. I am sticking with my Fleshlights. I am honestly getting ready to dump the doll. We’re just not compatible. Ha ha ha!


Hey Tom, I understand if you don’t post this, but I really feel like I got burned when I bought the Piper Doll torso from him. I strongly believe there is a design flaw, and that there is far too much compression in the pelvis and pubic region–like beyond anything I’ve seen. This is the least realistic experience I’ve encountered. It feels more like someone took a liposuction patient’s fat and put it in a balloon–a gelatinous blob of fat with a form that will not hold. The TPE feels as cheap as the Tantaly dolls I had that only… Read more »


Hey Tom, I understand what you’re saying, and I respect your opinion. It’s all about perception. I knew I made the wrong choice, and it stings. I definitely think communication was one of the issues, and I didn’t make sure I understood what I was getting myself into. The problem many of us face is you can test ride a car, but it’s really hard to test ride a doll if you don’t have the means within your state/country and know whether you’re going to make the right decision just from pictures and reviews. So, how does someone reduce the… Read more »


I had two questions.. 1st is I am struggling to make a purchase from sexdollsshop which I believe was your #1 rated site, and if you knew anything about why. Maybe high traffic or not compatible with smart phone?

2nd question. Do you know of any circumstances where gel breasts in larger cup sizes cause damage in the long term? Thanks.


I’m thanking about purchasing a 3.28 ft doll (F19110718 Naomi) with huge boobs at—-are they LEGIT? If not where?


Is Je[…]ll a legit site?


Are there any sites you recommend buying doll clothes from?


Which is a better doll brand, 6YE or YL? I am looking at the 140cm in both brands. Looks like the YL is more expensive but wonder if that is the case. Videos seem to show a lot more realism in the boobs in the YL and less real in the 6YE, but maybe that is hollow breasts vs solid (videos don’t say).

also, looks like the 6YE has a bigger ass and hips but measurements seem to be the same. Do you know?


Hello Tom! I’m thinking of buying my first sex doll and thanks to your reviews and other users’ questions and your answers, I was able to avoid being scammed. I would like to ask you some questions and know your opinion. I want to buy the doll and I saw your video “Gel VS hollow breasts” and I liked the movement and appearance of the breasts. Looking at the page in the section “BREASTS – FILLED-HOLLOW-GEL WHAT IS THE BEST?” They say “Gel breasts are available for dolls with hard skin and with these cup sizes only: C,… Read more »


do dolls come in taller sizes like 190cm? (6’3″) I understand the practicality of the weight ratios, but I’m pretty dead set on the height and don’t mind the extra weight. I simply cannot find that anywhere.


Hi, Tom. I was interested in a Kimber Doll, am I right in not worrying that since they don’t have a phone nummber that and that they dont have Trustpilot review they can still b trusted? id think id assume that almost none of these companies got a trustpilot rev. because it is a touchy subject? 2) Is it a true that even the 1’s u recommend like ssd off hand sex dol – shop may be a selective scammer? i.e. they do good by 92 percent of customers but they may decide 2 send fake doll to 8 percent… Read more »


Hey tom, i’m looking to buy my first doll i was wondering if u could tell me if the site is legit. Also i think its been about a month since u were asked about nextlevelloves, has ur opinion changed on them? If neither of those sites r good could you reccomend a site to buy af dolls. I really like this one.


Hello tom, thank you for responding, now i feel more at ease if i choose to buy from those sites. I have another question though, i was reading through the customer service section of the when i came across the term “characteristics”. According to the site the term is used by doll owners to describe minor skin issues that happen while the doll is being made. Is that true or is it an excuse for negligence?


Do you prefer the head with or without tongue and why.


Good evening. I was on the Doll Forum site and they had a link for Kimber Doll. Its a TPE doll for $499. The vendor was on their page of approved vendors but have you ever heard of Kimber Doll?


Hey Tom,

What would you recommend the piper ariel or the piper pheobe? I fear that the 130cm doll is much too small, how is it during sex? Is the 140cm doll worth the extra 10 inches? Can you post a side by side picture of them?



Hey again Tom, I asked you once before about “Fine Love Dolls”, and although you hadn’t heard of them you said that they seemed to be okay. I’ve been in discussion with the guy and get on very well with him. I was going to buy when all this COVID-19 nonsense started. Now that things seem to be improving and I’m starting to have the start of an income again, I’m considering going ahead. I just wanted to check once again if you’ve developed any further opinion of this company or heard any more good or bad about them since… Read more »


Hey Tom,

Just wanted to ask your expert opinion…

• Built-in (fixed) vagina…?
• Removable vagina…?




Hi 007, I had purchased a few of the Tantaly torsos. In my opinion the inner textures are better than the the Piper Doll I purchased–way better. The only thing is that the TPE doesn’t last long. When I put the dolls in warm water, chunks of rubber started coming off the torsos within about 2 weeks of minimal use. Tantaly mentioned that they might be making the dolls too soft and would take steps to improving the quality of their products. Their customer service is better than anything I’ve experienced so far, and they quickly refunded me for the… Read more »


I’m interested in the Victoria model available on

Do you know anything about the site and it’s legitimacy?

Thank you for your time!


Do you have experience with the best love sex doll website? First time purchaser and I don’t want to get scammed. I’m really interested in the carina (CQK19060334)model. Thank you so much for your help!


Can I buy direct from since I want a “Jessica” piper doll?


Is it possible to fit a piper wig on a wm doll?


Good day, sir! Your awesome youtube reviews have convinced me to try a sexdoll and to look into But before I make further commitments, may I ask if you have any opinions about https://dol[…]ml? I like that they have more Asian models to select from. The do[….]ms (https://dol[….]) seem to have a positive discussion about them, but I’m very new to all of this and I value your opinion. I apologize if you’ve already discussed them before, but I could not find that information from my search of your site. Or perhaps I haven’t looked in the right place.… Read more »


Highly appreciate your time and answer! I will review all options and keep sexdolls-shop as my first option. Keep up the great content! Thank you!


so ive had way too many problems with real women, but i love their “lady” parts. so being a man in his 40’s im thinking (seriously) that this is the better way to go…but i really want a doll that is gonna turn me on every time and is willing for me all the time. im looking at S[…]rs…are they ok? am i gonna get into trouble ordering one in the US? how much trouble is the removable vagina thing vs fixed thing “look” as far as im concerned shes gonna just stay in bed lol sorry thats bad im… Read more »


Hi Tom. I just recently discovered and found you in their references. I know you listed these guys as reliable but the pricing of their dolls is a lil concerning. While it isn’t as low as the many fake sites you see, I was surprised to find that a fully loaded WMdoll would only cost a lil over $2000. Almost all the other sites I have calculated the prices on bring me between $2600 – 3000, and that’s if I’m being conservative with the addons. How is it that they are able to sell their dolls that cheap? Thanks… Read more »


hi Tom, Shawn again. I watched your video on the new gel implant for the hollow boobs. My doll is only 148cm and I will only occaisonally put her on top of me. My previous question had to do with the deflation of the hollow boobs option when a doll is placed on her stomach. do you think the gel would keep their shape?

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