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As you know by now, I am a sex doll expert. I have bought many of them, I know the market, I know sex dolls, I know what I am talking about.

Just ask me any question you want in the comment section below and I will answer you.







I am now receiving 10 new questions every day. Most of these questions have already been asked and answered.

I help you with great pleasure however, please take time to read what others asked before you ask your question. Don’t be lazy.

I won’t reply to questions that have been asked in the last 3 weeks.  Also, if you ask me if a website selling $800 dolls is legit, it means you haven’t read my blog, I will simply delete your question.

Sorry for being harsh and thank you for your understanding.


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Hi Tom. Do you think is legit? I found them on dollforum, but some of their smaller dolls are really cheap.


Hello Tom
Thank you for your reviews and your help. I posted a comment two days ago but it seems to be gone now was there some thing wrong with it? Anyway I wanted to know your opinion about the Kimber doll and if it is safe to buy it for this site.

Thank you in advance.


Hey Tom, 
I have a question, how are the African American dolls and do you plan on reviewing any of them and the shemale dolls? Where is a good place to grab one because I don’t see any. The closest place I saw was X Queen. Are they reputable? Thank you.


Customizing is cool but when you customize like areola color or better shoulder skeletton, can you see the cuts or anything else like it was changed and is not normal anymore?


Hi Tom
Thank you for your reviews and guides. I want a Kimber doll for my first purchase. I am from Greece and I want to order from a European web site. Do you think the on e below is legit?
Thank you for your time.

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Is legit, a scam, or just a drop-ship site? Truth be told, I am surprised nobody has mentioned this site as far as I’ve seen.
If it’s a scam, is there anywhere I can legit find this particular lady? I’ve reverse image searched her and found several sites with her on it. I’m not trusting anything until I know more.


Hi Tom!
There’s a legit site where I can find this Irontech doll?

LoveDoll 140cmIRONTECH Pic01.jpg

Hi Tom, thanks for all you do. I’m currently looking at buying a full size sex doll for the first time ever. My question is that what happends when I have more experience under my belt and want to upgrade dolls. What do I do with my old one? I obviously would love to keep as many around as possible but due to space limitations, I can only do one at a time. I’ve been looking online for ways to dispose/recycle her but there seems to not be a lot of source in the USA. As for reselling her, not… Read more »


Good day,

1. Is the facial distortion during oral sex a result of no “air gap” designed into the head or some other design flaw?

2. How do you warm your dolls? If submerged in hot water, do you worry about the bolts for standing option rusting?

Thank you!


Thank you!


CSdoll’s hottest real sex dolls of 2021. These dolls have been purchased multiple times by many buyers. Their beautiful faces and sexy bodies are their highlights. If you like these realistic adult dolls, click on the pictures to see the details and bring them into your world.

Patrick Heidinger

Is it true that the WM 157cm B-cup Doll lacks the spinal articulation. Back being unable to bend backwards and forwards will disappoint those coming from dolls that can, and for larger guys, the anal hole is very small and will tear as soon as you use it no matter how much it’s lubed.

Anxel Torrente

Hiya mate, You seem to prefer WM Doll’s products. I have looked at dolls from different brands and it seems that WM Doll are the ones with the worst kind off groin. It looks so long and causes the pussy to be so far down instead of further back and closer to the butt hole. Have you tried dolls of other legit brands with a more correctly positioned pussy?

Patrick Heidinger

Is it true that for larger guys, the anal hole is very small and will tear as soon as you use it no matter how much it’s lubed.

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Hi Tom, I read as much as I could before asking the question, but I don’t see it listed. I am considering purchasing a WM Doll from a Dutch webshop. Price-wise, the story is correct and they are easily accessible by email/telephone, they also have a showroom on location. They tell me by email that they are an official dealer of WM Doll and that the sale of counterfeit products is prohibited in the Netherlands (by law). I will also receive an anti-fake code with the doll that I can check on the WM Doll website. Now the question is,… Read more »


Hi Tom, do you know if the anal tearing defect from the larger silicone Piper dolls has been fixed? I’ve been interested in purchasing a 130cm silicone Phobe recently and am worried about this issue.

If this is a persistent issue are there any other silicone dolls around the same height and weight you would recommend?


Hi Tom,

I noticed in your video review you have not done any other dolls like AF, IronTech and others?

Any plans to do so?


I’m an older parent, looking to buy for adult a reputable site in your opinion? If not,could you please let me know who you’d recommend? Thank You


Hi! I’m so happy you exist, while I do wish I found your videos before I bought my first cheap sex doll, I got very lucky, it’s indistinguishable from a legit one.

My question is, where is the best place to go for having a custom doll made? I don’t want pre-defined options, I want to send them pictures of this video game character and have them make it look just like the character. I even have the actual 3D model I can send them for accuracy. I would like to at least start with the head.

Thank you! 🙂

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Jo Wo

Climax-doll recently revealed their horse girl custom doll designed by one of their customers and available to purchase to the public as well. What’s not pictured is the horse like butt with implanted tail hair and pony holes and the hoof feet. Not able to upload more than 1 picture, don’t know why. I think the designer gets a cut for each doll sold seeing as the mold exist now because of said customer. If this is possible then your design should be possible though not sure if your design is even more wild or whatever else. This is not… Read more »

140cm Horse - All Tpe (1).jpg

HI Tom,

Thanks for informative website, just wondering your thoughts on first time buyer renting or even buying a used Doll?

If you have any suggestion on sites that are doing this, it would be so great.

*You may even have some old dolls that you want to get rid off let us know


Just wanted to say thanks again Tom.

All the best in your future endeavours


Tom I was wondering what your thoughts are on buying USED dolls.


Hi Tom,

I scrolled through quite a bit and didn’t SEE my questions asked by anyone although I’m almost sure you’ve probably been asked them before…

I’m interested in purchasing a custom made “clone” doll of a specific person who has agreed to being “cloned” and will eagerly cooperate with whatever is needed from her to make it as exact as possible. I’m assuming this will be quite expensive but so worth it.
Is this something that is currently being done?
Do you have any experience or advice in who could accomplish this?

Anxel Torrente

Hiya, mate.

A few words from Cardiff, Wales, about sexdolls and oral sex. I read somewhere that when using a sexdoll for a blowjob their heads (faces) get deformed during the act. So because of what I read, maybe you could use that shemale penis you received together with one of your dolls for a video showing how a blowjob effect the dolls’ heads around the mouth? Do the dolls’ heads (faces) get deformed or don’t they?

Thank you for this blog and your informative videos.

Mr. Torrente

Van Thornton Jr

Hi I was wondering does this also apply for sex doll legs on eBay or Amazon for like $150-200$

Ty G

Hey Tom. Have you heard anything about this doll?

Do you plan on reviewing her or another USBBdoll in the future?

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Can i get your opinion on this page also where to get anime type dolls?


I’ve been mostly looking at torso dolls (especially without a head) as storing the doll away where it won’t be accidentally found is a high priority. (might be able to buy a torso doll with head if the head is removable maybe?) I bought 17 and 52 lb Kuuval torso dolls off Amazon and they were ok but the breasts are a little harder than I hoped, I wish the outer vagina was a little more realistic, and the angles were easier to have sex with. (can link if you want to know specifically which ones). Is that just what… Read more »


HiTom you’re doing great work this site is great. I had a couple of questions actually
First is legit? Their prices seem to be the same as the other sites you have recommended.
Secondly, i’m interested in wmdolls and was worried about lhp on the wm166C and on the 162E.Is it better to get a doll shorter or taller than you if the lhp is bad?
Lastly,how do you know which is the latest dolls or if they are using a new mould?
Thank you in advance.


Wish I had found this site before I ordered my first dolls.  I ordered one from MyRealDolls and one from JSDolls.  Both are definitely sub-par compared to the one I got from sexdolls-shop (Genuine WMDoll).  Never suspected that clones and things were a problem, but live and learn I guess.  Anyways, thanks for this great site.  Hopefully it helps more people before they make the mistakes I did.


Hi again Tom, finally got my first doll coming from (very pleasant experience talking with the owner on the phone). I’m ok with dish soap for washing her as they recommend, but I’m still undecided as to what use for lubricant. I saw you suggest water based lube in your “7 easy rules”, but I read on forums some recommend even just baby oil or Vaseline.

What are your thoughts on lube?

Thank you!

Forgot to mention it’s a WM super soft skin, built in vagina.

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i visit many sex doll site and read many articles, it seems silicone sex doll is better but much expensive,I will,why they so cheap?  legit or a scam?


Tom, if I buy a Piper Doll, how can I be sure that it will have the upgraded hand skeleton that your Phoebe doll had? I don’t want Phoebe, I want an Ariel but the Ariel doll from your review had floppy ones. When they upgrade their dolls, do all dolls produced get that upgrade?


Hi Tom.
Thank you for your website! I would like to order a lovedoll which looks like a teenage girl. Unfortunately those websites offering them don’t seem to be legit.
Do you know a site I can safely order it?


Hi Tom I was browsing today and came across this website. Is it legit or a scam?


Hello, I’ve been looking, just to make sure you didn’t answer this already. Is this site legit, and can I at least trust the “starpery” brand? They seem high end, and have videos of most of their dolls.

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Phil t rich

Hi Tom I really appreciate what you do I was curious If is a good website if not what would be the best US based site to order from thank you have a great day

Phil t rich

Thank you Tom I think I will use


Hello, can someone tell me if is legit? thx


hello tom … i subscribed and posted a question …. i havent seen it yet so i thought i would just see if it was a dumb question and it got deleted? i have read alot but still not sure and thats why i posted my question . i hope im not being a pita.


yes it was…i didnt realize that it would take that long to post.. i do want to say ty for your help . you have helped me more than you know.. i was really trying to stay as low as i could and kimber doll just looks to skinny. i will have to spend a little more but after reading all the info. you have posted i know which site and which doll im going to order. shes short but its all i can afford and truthfully looks healthy. i will let you know how it goes . thanks again… Read more »


  hello tom , srsd .. 158cm (5ft2′) Ready-to-Ship Sexy Blond Girl Sex Doll….1099.00 / sy doll ….. my question is …. is this a good buy ?  or is this srsd a website that is also selling knockoffs ?  btw ty for all your insight it has been very helpful. 

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Hi Tom, do you know about, they seem to have nice silicon dolls for reasonable prices ,this will be my first doll and I wanna make it right, help is greatly appreciated, thank you


Thank you


I’ve already paid on PayPal more than half of the price so that they get started on. It since it takes 4 weeks to receive, do u think there’s a way to get it back if not should I pay the rest and get the doll, I saw a few posts about them on the doll forum and they were positive that’s why i went ahead but now I’m getting worried they’re not real , I read they used to be cst ,I donno if that means anything to u, ,ur the expert, appreciate the advice

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it’s gonna take around a month.

Ty G

I talked to somebody on Discord that ordered a silicone head from them and received it in 3 weeks or so. He also ordered this doll from them last week. I can let you know how everything goes for him after he posts his opinion on her

Phil Rojas

Would like to buy a male doll from Spartan lover are they safe ,legit. high rated, good quality, or a fake scam?

Roy J.

Hi, Thanks so much for all your “inputs”. I was just about to fall for a chineese scammer when you site got my attention. My 5 questions are: 1- You mentioned that the WM are impossible to do in “doggy-style” position, but will it work if you lay down and have them on top of you? 2- Could you do doggy-style with the piper brand? 3- Is it true that if you don’t get the re-inforced standing feet options, the metal feet bones can end up puncturing the bottom of the skin feet? 4- What would be your list of 4 favorites brands… Read more »

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Roy J.

Oh, man thanks so much for reading me and answering my questions.  I hope you guys will not get hit with another f##king curfew.  I was in living in downtown MTL when it happened.  I don’t mind the sanitary measures but not being allowed to walk around my block, really?


Hey Tom, first let me thank you for all the work you put into this blog for people like me who are new to the world of sex dolls; I’ve read through you blog and immediately led me to rule out quite a number of sites I was browsing. Having said that I hate to ask the ‘is it legit’ question, but I was wondering what your take on would be. I’ve done a bit of digging and they seem to have an address in my region, their prices aren’t exceptionally low, discounts offered are between 8 – 10%. Dolls… Read more »


I really appreciate the work you put into this site.
I wanted to ask if you knew if climax doll was a trust worthy site to buy from. It really caught my attention since they have a doll that clones my favorite star savannah bond.
Please let me know what you think.
Thank you.


I had experience with the climax-doll site so I’ll tell you what I had to go through. Their communication is not great but they will get back to you. They told me that their whatsapp number is not ideal for communication since it’s monitored or something so it’s very slow for them to get back to you if at all. Use the email option, it’s the fastest and they usually got back to me within hours to a day for each message. Their English is not top shelf so be aware you may need to rephrase or ask even more… Read more »


Hello, I want to buy a doll. I have one trash doll home right now, its oily and gave me fucking rash on my dick, no joke, I even hit metall inside it with my dick. I got this trash doll from AliExpress, form company AJDOLL they call them self, trash company, also most joints are broken, and both feets are totally of the doll, all stay away from this company. I would like to ask you, what doll from you experience is best with taking into consideration: Not oily, I dont like the oil feeling I had with fake… Read more »


Thank you for your work.

What is the best doll that you have bought for this time?
Please say which one is the best or your favourite.
Thank you for attention 


What you think about the kimberdoll?thank you


Thank you Tom)


hi, do you reckon this website is legit?


thank you for your insights! its rather hard for me to find vendor that could entertain singapore based customer like me…normally how does the vendor ship the dolls for customer who didnt op for the chest boxes? sorry im new to this. just notice sexysexdoll have offered that service to this boring still legit as the last comment you shared on their legitmency was quite sometime ago and they throw in quite abit of freebies that trigger some eyebrow raising ( free 2nd wig and 2 costume and free care kit). also, would you advise a newbie who is… Read more »

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Sorry i should rephrase it as flight chest/ storage box that they most of the vendor are offering at additional cost.

noted on the silicon doll suggestion! thank you


Hello all the way from Norway 🇧🇻 I consider buying a doll, found a site that only deal with WM dolls. They sell them around 2600$, and have some persenal options like hair, moaning and breathing etc. 3-4 weeks delivery. So I guess its a real wm dealer. You probly wont understand the words. But the teeth they put in remove the oral funktion, so I wonder if that is something I can take out myself if I order with teeth? Figured I should ask someone who might know aswell as asking the seller just incase. Thanks on beforehand… Read more »

Willy D

Hey Tom I really appreciate you taking time with the reviews spending a lot of money online is scary and need some reassurance..I recently looked up kimberdoll per you’re advice I contacted them by email to see if they would reply when they emailed me back I couldn’t read there response looked like 3 messages on top of eachother…unreadable…is that a concern of there legitimacy

Willy D

Thanks Tom for you’re time you really help with the information..I’ve been looking for weeks still hesitant to order..scared of scammers ..found a good site called the company actually talked to someone..I checked you’re blog did not see this company..hotsexydolls are they legit?


try opening the email in a different computer and different browser.
kimber doll is legit and they have an account on the doll forum, the main forum for dolls,


When comparing the piper Ariel and Jessica which one has a better Labia/anus and which has the better (more jiggly) butt?


Hi Tom
Can you please help me, i wonder if is legit?


Hi, can you please tell me if is legit or scam?


I did read your blog, I just wanted to know if you’d heard of them.


Can you recommend the best dolls for a small penis?


Do you recommend any storage cases?
For example, the $649 option from sexdolls-shop:

If not, how do you store your dolls?


Hi Tom
I found a site
They said they are the legal seller of WMDoll and provide the way to can ask WMdoll whether they are legal
Do you know them?


Great website Tom!

Do you think these guys are legit?

Jonathan Brown

Hi Tom VSdollsOf China are claiming to be an affiliate of wmdolls. Can they be trusted?and is what they state true? Their dolls are really cheap.Seventy five percent off most models.


Hi Tom

Are there any differences between the TPE Phoebe Elf and Non-Elf other than the Elf ears? As far as I know, the TPE Elf version is newer than the TPE non-elf. So does the non-elf use older techniques/joints/tpe/whatever than the elf version? Also, do you know if the TPE has the soft butt, hard hands and hard feet options? Which one should I chose between the TPE Elf and Non-Elf version?


Hello, great reviews, great website.
I’m not sure if I read this somewhere on your website, but I was curious what tools or method you use to wash the orifices and dry them all the way in without damaging them as much as possible.
lastly do you wash them before using them the first time at delivery?
thank you!


Good evening Tom,
I recently made a doll purchase from
I did a lot of research and everything is good so far. I found your blog and thought I’d ask. Are they trustworthy and do you know much about them??
I appreciate what you’re doing with this blog!



Tom, any thoughts on the website sexdollcenter? Have applied your criteria with mixed results. Prices vary, but they have very good & responsive customer service (both via email as well as phone)?


Creeper law!
How much should we worry about this law if we are in one of “those states”? Obviously it is not my intent to buy a doll that would fit that description, however, do you have any advice to avoid being targeted? Are there particular brands/websites you would suggest to avoid?


Fairdolls safe or not?


I was soo looking for this same question..I just bought one from them and I contacted wm directly and they confirmed fairdolls is to pricing? I have no clue. They do have deep discounts but I wouldn’t know till I receive mine. I customized mine and ended paying 2k. Customer service phone is no good but they do answer emails fairly quickly .


Hey Tom!
Is this site legit?

if it is, can the WMDoll and YLDoll heads fit with that body?


Hello Tom,

I was recently in the market for a sex doll and have been looking for a bit now. I stumbled upon a site called and was wondering if it was legit or not. Now, I did a little snooping around on it, and it checks the boxes on legitimacy for me. I just wanted to hear an expert’s opinion on the matter.

Thanks, Nick


Hi Tom,
I looked for a good while on your previous Q n A’s but didn’t find the specific doll site……”Kanadoll”. Legit? Real beautiful asian dolls.


Hey Tom! I was wondering if this was the official SanHui website :

Also, will you review a doll from them?


Thank you Tom for the reply. And it’s ok if you don’t want to. Everyone has their preferences. Have a nice day.


What if I really had a low budget and want a mini sex doll between 65 – 100cm. What would be my most affordable options in terms of sites?

Ty G

does this look legit? Lifelike Sex Doll Torso Male Masturbator with Big Boobs Pussy Ass Butt, Scaled Female Body Torso Love Doll with Realistic Tight Vagina Anus Breast Sex Toy for Men Masturbation (21LB)


Original head (other was wm70).


Last pic


Dressed pic


Loading pics 2


Loading pics (hopefully).


Okay, got my doll and got a problem. Arrived back from vacation end of last week, ups had left doll at my front door 10 days earlier (no on signed, just dropped, confirmed by calling ups – admitted it was supposed to be signed for), relieved it wasn’t stolen. Recorded opening, small tear in right big toe (minor). Immediately checked with code checked out as genuine (and no previous checking of code yeah)! Here she is: also got extra head wm#70 I know she’s a Sex “doll” but she’s so friggin tiny (chest is 30.75inches, directly under breast… Read more »


Hello Tom,

I’m thinking about buying a WM doll, and, while looking into cleaning systems, I found this one that looks absolutely perfect… provided it works of course, which is my doubt, did you have the chance to try it?

WM Intelligent Cleaning Kit Intelligent Cleaning Kit:

I would buy both the doll and cleaning system from reallovesexdolls, they seem legit, what do you think?

Thank you for your help.


Thanks Tom, that’s what I was thinking, since they still have problems even with “simple” heating systems, it seemed weird that they could produce a reliable product that uses electricity, light, water, pressure a pump and multiple connections (failing points). The electrics failing is not the biggest problem in this case, I’m way more worried about leaks, and from what I read, it seems like its not even powerful enough, you have to use gravity for it to work properly, which is a concern since the performance will degrade over time, if it requires gravity for basic functions, is it… Read more »


Hi Tom, First, you are doing a fantastic job making this blog possible and helping all of us with your expert advice ! Concerning my own experience, I have recently bought a sex doll at I believe I have made a mistake : I have started reading your articles after my purchase. On their website, they do not mention the brand on any pictures, yet I have found the brand on other websites and most of the models they sell are from AF-doll (I don’t know if you have tried this brand yet ? didn’t read everything here yet).… Read more »

Niccolò Dilda

dearest Tom,
nobody asked this before: as I told you months ago, I am planning to start a doll brothel in Italy, so I bought my first WM doll and now I am looking for clients! What is the best way to reach new clients?


Hi tom

Sorry for asking you might have missed my question. Since you reviewed both 130cm phoebe tpe and silicone, which one would you recommend to buy today? Do you know if the anus tearing problem has been fixed? Is it even a problem for the 130cm phoebe silicone?
Thank you so much

Jimmy OG

Who has the nicer ass , TPE piper Akira or Ariel 150 vs 140

Racer X

Is the WM 166cm C cup still your favorite of all time? I am torn between that and the WM 157cm B cup.
Also possibly going with Piper Doll Ariel due to her ass. I would get the soft skin option for WM. Last possibility is the YL Doll Kylie E 141cm D cup due to her amazing ass and tiny hips.
The only negative on the 166 for me is boring labia and weight. Thoughts on these please? Thanks!

Anthony Lopez

Hey Tom I’m thinking about getting this doll What are your thoughts on it and Do you think this is a reliable vendor.


Hi Tom. Do the WM Doll’s ass feel real?

Niccolò Dilda

I guess it depends on the model, so please take this with pliers but I can tell you that I bought a WM doll and its ass is the best part, incredible to spank.


Hey Tom, what do you think about
They seem trustworthy regarding your criteria. What do you say?

Thanks a lot for spending your time doing this job here, it’s very helpful!


Hi..Did buy an Shots doll..After 5 or 6 times there is a hole inside it..So fluids got inside and water from cleaning.. YIKES..It is a write off for sure. I did pay 1750us at an official dealer
But here is my questions, did you ever have that problem? Or rather did you never have it and which brand did not have this problems.
Thanks for a nice blog.
BR. Henrik.


I did email them…No respons. I will never shop there again. Will save up for other doll/brand. Ty for you reply. BR.


Purefun Group AB.
A scandinavian retail company. Doll is legit and did is really nice and all..But useless now. I will get a Pipedream Extreme Ultimate Fantasy Doll with insert Vagina.


Hi Tom,
Since you tested both and with the anal tearing problem on bigger silicone piperdolls, would you recommend to go with a Silicone 130cm Phoebe Elf or with a TPE 130cm Phoebe Elf?

I dont need the oral capability and like the soft butt and hard hands and feet of the silicone. I just dont know how big the anal tearing issue really is. Any recommendation?

Christopher Kelley is it legit?


Any idea where to find totally round eyes? As in not the half eyes that came with new wm doll.


Hi Tom

I have been thinking about buying a doll from spartan lover or sexy real sex dolls could you tell me if they are trusted companies….


Hi Tom, im scouring high and low for the right male doll for me. There aren’t many options, as you may know. I think I’ve found the right one, and from a company that claims to be based in the US. Can you tell me if you’ve heard anything positive or negative about Mailovedoll?

Ive looked for red flags throughout their site and it seems fairly legit. They responded to my first email very quickly, but I haven’t gotten a response back from my more detailed second question.


…Found your answer below. So sad

Last edited 2 months ago by Jacob

Hi Tom, any experience with “Dollxes” and “Firedoll” brands?


hi tom I’m from Quebec and I want to order a piperdoll akira b cup but I find no seller who seems legitimate I found on but they don’t have it in stock same on please help me in my research


ok thanks am I better to order with a site based in Canada or its not much importance I hesitate between sexdoll-shop that or good prices or sexdollCanada that its based in Vancouver and I noticed that sexdoll-shop offers 2 prices for the akira for what?


Hi Tom, thank you for your website and videos

Do you have any plans to review the new 100 or 80cm dolls from Piper Doll? They would fit my weight class much better but fear their quality being worse than the 130cm silicone piperdoll you reviewed


Great to hear Tom! Cant wait 😉


Tom first off very informative much appreciated. Second you know anything about shoppingdolls, if their legit or not

Le mee

lots of great info on here so far!
Someone else had asked if is legit, but there was no replies to it.
I wanted to know the same thing, specifically for their WM Dolls.
So far from my research, they seem to be legit and on the up and up, but just good to have another confirmation before plopping 2.5k.




first , thank you a lot for your reviews , great job !

there are 2 piper doll websites , one is call and the other…🤔 they seem to have same products and same prices.

do you know which one is legit ?


I’ve been a visitor of your site for quite awhile and I know your stance on “cheaps” dolls already. With that being said can you tell me or give me your thoughts on this?
The picture came from the email with the link


Hello! I’m still thinking about buying my first doll (leaning towards WM doll, 166cm C-cup with soft skin), and I need some advice. 1) I’ve seen a few resellers that have the “new realistic body painting” option as a supplement (veins / shadow / skin texture). Do you think it’s a big visual improvement, looking more like the promotional pictures? Is it durable on TPE dolls? 2) What’s your take about removable vaginas? I get that it’s a more handy cleaning option (which I like). You said it’s visually the same, but what about during use, is the hole less… Read more »

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