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As you know by now, I am a sex doll expert. I have bought many of them, I know the market, I know sex dolls, I know what I am talking about.

Just ask me any question you want in the comment section below and I will answer you.







I am now receiving 10 new questions every day. Most of these questions have already been asked and answered.

I help you with great pleasure however, please take time to read what others asked before you ask your question. Don’t be lazy.

I won’t reply to questions that have been asked in the last 3 weeks.  Also, if you ask me if a website selling $800 dolls is legit, it means you haven’t read my blog, I will simply delete your question.

Sorry for being harsh and thank you for your understanding.


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Hi Tom,
which one you think can be a better doll between ebl doll nelly 148 cm , or st doll sissi 166 cm?
siliconedolls24 has both on stock and prices looks good


hey Tom, I have question not about if a site is legit or something, it’s something about the brands and the factories, well, someone is selling me a doll, I see it’s the model I asked here before from Irontech, but the dude who is offering me it said is from the WMDoll factory, and my question is do you know if that can be possible? “the WMDoll factory offers the dolls to various sellers, selling them the same model different brands but the doll is always sent from the WMDoll factory and they get the dolls from the factories… Read more »


Are you familiar with where factory dolls are shipped prior to being sent to you? As in, if I order a doll from sexdolls-shop, and it’s an SE Doll that needs to be manufactured, is the doll created and sent to sexdolls-shop first, or is it send directly to me?

I’m arranging a review of my experience buying SE Doll Yuuki from One of my biggest gripes was the way the doll was packaged (very poorly). I’m trying to determine if this is a failure on SE’s part or on a failure on YourDoll’s part.


Hi Tom, can you tell which is right now the best combo option for the most natural feeling breasts (and possibly that also look “flat”)? Which size/model and with gel or hollow, and with soft or normal TPE? I’m struggling to understand what is best between a smaller size (C/D with gel and normal TPE) or medium (DD/F – hollow – soft) or medium (DD/F – gel – normal TPE) or large (G and bigger up to M – hollow – soft). Thanks!


Hi Tom, Thank you very much for all the helpfull infos and reviews. Did you have the chance to check out the new PiperDoll 160cm Silicone JENNA? I wonder if PiperDoll corrected the issues in the Anus region on their silicone models and have made some improvements there on their newer silicone dolls. Thank you


do you have information on what type of condoms work best with these dolls? Regular condoms don’t feel good at all, it’s much worse than with a real woman, so I think it has to do with the TPE material.


Hi Tom! I’m Diego.. again… sorry for bother you with my shit again, just wanted to know something about a page, I searched your past answers and with some of them you mention they’re okay but in the first one you mentioned they’re very suspicious also I wanted to be sure asking again about an Irontech love doll from this page ( specifically because I found it and the price looks fair to me (not cheap but not too expensive) I guess… what do you think about it?


Thanks a lot for your reply Tom!

Sadly I can’t access, do you know any other legit site where I can find this doll, or a doll with a huge ass? I’m looking for a nice booty to dress it with videogame character themes haha

Thank you very much for your time! ^^


What about siliconedolls24. scam or legit?

Brandi Munson

So about a year or so ago, my husband and I started taking about bringing a more willing “girlfriend” into our home. Sex is very important to him. Not so much me and I could go for the year or more and not even notice. With that being said, we don’t really make purchases from adult stores or anything extravagant. Like $20-$40 at most. It would hey the job done, completely die, then buy something new from the local shops or this one website that we’ve used since the beginning of time. But last year we wanted to go a… Read more »


Hi Tom, is legit or scam?
They have good price

Antony C Michael

Hi Tom, can you please let me know if sex is legit.
thank you

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Antony C Michael

Hi Tom,

Yes I have, but after the fact. I get it now. Thank you for being available and all your valuable information. Currently I’m looking at dolls on

Thank you again


I need help I found a cute inexpensive doll with nice breasts but it’s four feet tall . What are the laws in america about child size dolls.


Hi Tom, Sorry to bother with another question. How long does usually take with delivery?


Have you tried getting a sex doll head modeled after a real person? I know some stores offer that but I’m not sure how legit it is. If you have what places would you recommend?


Hey Tom is it worth getting pubic hair on a doll or will it just fall off the first time playing with her.


Is legit? Something is off about it but I can’t figure it out.


Looking for a reliable source for Gynoid Tech Dolls. Prefer direct from manufacturer. Is legit? They are trying to use Worldremit as payment system.


Hi Tom
I want to know if this site is legit please


Hi, Tom. I’m gonna make my first purchase, but I want to know if you know any sites that offer layaway that aren’t drop shippers and are legit. I’ve seen a few. SDG and SRSD, but I’ve seen you say they are drop shippers and to expect a long wait. But are there any that aren’t drop shippers?


Hi Tom, on, it gave you the option of tan or cocoa. In your opinion, which would look more like the doll on

The professional photo says tan but I have some reserves about that. Also, the wigs on the professional photos rarely appears to be what you got in your review videos. Is there any way to make sure I get the right wig? Thanks


Thanks, Tom. Good to know! You wouldn’t by any chance have photos or videos of a doll with that body type (162 cm F cup) would you? Just wanted to see if I can see what that body type looks like in real life.



After looking at looking at your recommended site it says that the gel breasts are not recommended with the soft skin. It provides a link but i failed to see any info on why it is not recommended. I also wastched your video on the difference but other than the gelled breasts being slightly larger, ( and maybe feel a liitle better), you said there was no difference. So I am wondering, why do they not recommend the gel breasts with soft skin option?


I was wondering what the best site to buy this doll from is

Jeffrey Nixon

Do you have an opinion on the torso VS. full body dolls?


Hi Tom, is tantaly trustworthy?


Hello Tom, I’m feeling fairly confident about I believe I saw you comment elsewhere. That they were your 1st choice out of 4 drop shippers someone else asked about. They have dolls in stock. A location stateside here in Austin,TX to which they encourage on their site to visit in person. A few store branded accessories, dolls, etc. Have you had any dealings with them? Would you still consider them a drop shipper? I know your disdain for such. Just thought with this info(branding, location, in stock items,) suggested a well invested company. Other than that again. Just curious… Read more »


Hello Tom,

I really like the way DS Dolls look. What do you think of DS Dolls? Do you think is legit?


Hi Tom! I’m wondering if you know about a legit site where I can get this “100cm Huge boobs” [] doll or this “140 Huge boobs” []? Thanks a lot for your time ^^


Ciao vorrei informazioni su questo negozio

molti marchi affidabili e collaborazione con VM con certato

un sacco di informazioni su questo negozio

prezzi accessibili

puoi darmi informazioni al riguardo

ci sono recensioni positive su TDf


Osa dare un’occhiata 


Tom, from all the people that *got* an answer for you, I’m most probably one of the ones that spent the most time on your site. I’ve tried the search function first, but since I couldn’t really believe that nextlevellover (neither “next level lover”) isn’t mentioned on the site, I’ve read it completely. Where exactly are “all the posts” about the site? I couldn’t find a single one. You did answer other people however, where even I thought “geez, people, it’s like three posts below yours…”. After one or two weeks of hesitating, I thought that the best would be… Read more »


Then I have to apologize, Tom. I have no idea what did go wrong – I’ve checked the page several times, with reboots inbetween, and I’ve only seen some later posts appearing. Have at least triple-checked this before posting that comment. Thanks for answering. Yeah, I know that you don’t like drop shippers very much, but I couldn’t take this into consideration aswell – it was difficult enough to get to this point. Customer service was very nice however and everything appeared trustworthy. He clearifed some details with me before commiting the order and I’ll get factory pictures before it… Read more »

Last edited 12 days ago by tonio1982

Hi Tom, thanks for the great reviews! I have a question about the doll heads:

I am currently interested in WMdoll head 273. But the factory pictures from the website are of great deviation. It is hard to believe that those heads were actually of the same type.

My question is, is it always the case that the looks of the product to be quite different from the advertised pictures? If so, is there something I can do about it?


Is a legitimate seller?


I really like all the options that the vendor fine love dolls have for a doll I’ve had my eye on for while, please tell me they’re legit.


Hi Tom, is legit? I’d like to purchase this doll and with their “first love” coupon, I would get it for ~2000$, which is ~1750€ currently. In other shops, I would pay around 2000-2200€. Doesn’t look too suspicious to me. It’s also one of the very few stores that I’ve found that has Future Doll dolls and that also accepts Paypal. Geez, guys… I’m looking since weeks – this week even all day since I’m on holiday – and I’m really exhausted meanwhile. 1. Finding out enough about the pros and cons of TPE and silicone to make… Read more »


Hello again, I wanted to know is there anywhere where I can buy a legitimate version of this doll. There are very few websites that have her and she goes by many different names, thanks

Just looking for a legit vendor

Is dollpodium or little sex dolls legit?

Niccolò Dilda

Dear Tom,
I am sorry to disturb you again, but I hope this is the last time.
Is TOP SEX DOLLS ( legit? I am planning on buying their IN STOCK dolls because I don’t wanna wait for a month!
Thank you so so so much for the endless commitment. You created something big here!

Niccolò Dilda

Dear Thom,
I have just sent you the photos they sent me. They have been taken in China, as you will see, so I am kinda suspicious now! But told me that is a safe and legit site! At this point can I trust I guess they are the original WM brand!
We will never be able to repay you dear Thom


Is a legitimate seller?


Thanks for the advice, it’s good that there’s an honest guy giving out real reviews and tips


Hi Tom,

Its today 7 days ago and i can only reconfirm that in my case the doll is in great condition. The after-service with that company (wich you say are scammers) is working great. Yeah, you could say i was lucky by taking such a risk.

For just being a copy 674 dollar its that damn good. I’m no expert, so i can only speak for myself 😉
Double joints for each knee, standing feet, looks the same in real as in pictures.

Hope this is helpfull information for you and/or others.



Hi Tom, I’m new to the love doll world and your website has helped out a lot. I was wondering if you could ease my paranoia concern… I am looking into the following doll: I noticed other reputable sites (at least I think they are. Still new to this…) are selling it at $1790 to $2000. The sites I’ve looked at were: silicone-sexy doll, real sex doll, and my robot doll as they are the only other vendors I could find that sells this particular doll. Should I be concerned of the relative price difference the vendor is offering… Read more »


Ah I see. Thanks for the insight and also thanks for the link. Guess I scrolled too quickly through that site and missed it.


Hello Tom I just bought my first sex doll from sex doll i am really excited and can not wait for delivery day, i had a question though i bought from the brand SMDoll this is the exact one i bought i am just wondering if the brand is good ? i know the doll is heavy i am okay with that. Cant wait to hear back from you 🙂

Niccolò Dilda

Dearest Tom,

I see that “Joy love doll” has the main brands but they are less expensive than the counterparts on “Top Sex Dolls”: I am considering buying on Joy Love Doll site because it seems that you can buy superb WM dolls around 1000 euros.

Would you recommend their site? I’m afraid they are too cheap!

Thank you so much for your genuine commitment. You are a savior!

Niccolò Dilda

Dearest Tom,
I was wondering: which brand do you consider the best in Europe?
best regards

Niccolò Dilda

Tom! I didn’t find the right words to ask my question! What are the best websites to buy a doll in Europe since I want it as soon as possible? I am planning on buying on Top Sex Doll, because I would receive my WM doll (1900 euro) within one week. Do you know or recommend this site?
I know we rely on you every day and it must be excruciating sometimes. Thank you so so very much!


Hi Tom
I just made my first purchase with
Just wondering if you had any experience with them?

Thank u


Hi there. Had a question about production time for dolls club for n custom orders. It’s been two weeks in production according to a form letter I got and I can’t get any information on when it will be finished, just basic delivery info.


Hey Tom,
First I’d like to say I appreciate all the work and time you have put into this! You have made a gold mine here and I’m not feeling as lost anymore! My question is, I found this doll off of one of your suggested sites! However, I have never purchased one and would be very appreciative if you could tell me if this particular doll and seller is a safe bet? Sorry if someone has asked before and I missed it!
Many thanks


Hey Tom,

I am not pleased with the snap-on connector and that’s all my doll came with, not the old threaded one that allows the doll’s head to screw on, which is what I’d prefer.

I’m having trouble finding a site that sells head-to-body connector pieces, and the seller of my doll is pretending they don’t know what threaded connector I’m talking about. Have you ever had to get replacements?


Is there any store/site that you can make payments on your sex doll? Haha I know probably a lame question I’m just curious definitely would check one out the prices is just a lil bit up there to just have missing out of the account at once gunna raise questions to spouse haha

Hello, is Shiori from doll house 168 with very soft skin?

Linkooer Hi Tom, in meanwhile waiting your answer on linkooer dolls, i did some more investigation. Its clear that linkooer dolls are fabricating fake wm dolls. However, when i searched backward wise for this linkooer blue elf does exist original made by wm dolls the answer was: no. Leaving me with clue that the blue elf by linkooer is original by them but with probably the same standard (poor) quality they used before. And even wondering now: who to trust?! They will all answer that they are better and don’t sell fake dolls… Who am i to notice the difference?… Read more »


Hi Tom 😉 Well first of all thanks for all your advice here, you’re doing a great job! Indeed aliexpress is known for selling alot fake stuff, if not all… After following all of your rules i must say that i was being paranoid. Wich is positive. So indeed the doll by linkooer me and my wife fell in love with is indeed fake, a reproduced illigal version as you can imagine. So i digg some more housework and found the original brand from who this copy on ali are. And i found even more so called ‘brands’ who sells… Read more »


Hey Tom, disregard my last question, I have a new one; do you know of any doll sites that offer ones for $800-$1200 for 100cm-130cm dolls? Or am I just having hopeful thoughts thinking one must exist, lol?


Hi, I’d love to know if these sites are legit.
I have went thru several scam check sites and from what I gathered, Mysexzone and littlesexdolls are seemingly “legit”, BUT, the one doll I REALLY WANT is on – here is the link to that one;



My wife and i are also looking for a softskin girl friend… can you recommend “Linkooer”?


Hi Tom,

Thanks for the answer and i see my second answer has not approved yet by you. Waiting on you to reply that too.


Jeff Gotti

Hi Tom,
What was your preference between the TPE or silicon Piper Phoebe? I’m looking at a Piper Jessica silicon model (I already have the TPE model) and just want to know if the firmness of the silicon convinced you to prefer the TPE Phoebe? Also was the range of motion of the joints different between the two? I prefer the full squatting range of flexion.
Thanks in advance! Also, do you have any new reviews in the works, or any new dolls in your collection to recommend?


Hi Tom,

when looking at a doll there is no bigger bummer than bad hole placement.
Do you know which doll is realistic or which manufacturer does a proper job?
Your help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards



Thanks for taking the time.
I wish their dolls had the same allure as WM-Dolls’.
Do you have experiences with other doll manufacturers?


hello Dollxes is legit ?


Another 6YE question: Are their wigs any good? Or should I ask sexdolls-shop if they can get me a better quality one?


Hi Tom. I have some questions about this doll.

Do you think that the TPE from this 6YE doll could cause any problems when coming in contact with my Piper Ariel TPE doll?

I love the feel of Ariel’s skin. How does the 6YE skin feel compared to the Piper skin?

And will this doll be a problem being shipped to Texas as she is only 3’4″ and 30 pounds?

Thanks again for all the help and advice you share with us 🙂 Keep up the excellent work

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Jordan G

Hello there I was wondering if this was a legit website also I want to get a doll so I can have sex with but also cuddle with in bed. This is my first time doing this. P.S. I don’t know, why I bought this from here without doing a full research. Also Imma bit skeptical on the website because it had UK # but not a US # even though they say operate in both area. Then why didn’t they have a US # on the website. P.P.S? which is better to have a thick doll with… Read more »

Frederick Simmons

Hey Tom,

It’s actually I would really like to know if they are legit


What do you know about the companies at &


Hello. First, sorry if my english is a bit messy. I bought a Piper elf Phoebe (tpe) some days ago (on Dollsfrance) and while I’m very satisfied with it, there is a little something that bug me off. It’s my first doll btw. How “nice” was the smell of your Phoebe ? I can’t say that the odour is bad, but it is not that nice either. And I saw a lot of people say that Piper tpe has a sweet scent. Did yours had half eyeballs or full (spherical) eyeballs ? Did yours had a tongue ? I’m asking… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Cyril

Hey Tom,
Have you ever owned 6YE dolls, if so, any thoughts on quality and comparison to other brands?
Thanks for your work and sharing your knowledge, you saved me from getting scammed big time


Hey Tom,

I actually bought my doll from eBay. Now, I asked the questions to the seller and they were located in China but the distributor is in California. They showed me the pictures and I asked can it look like the model on the picture and they said yes. But I’m supposed to get it on Monday. The Brand is a Racyme model. Now the store has had positive ratings and positive feedback should I be concerned?

Last edited 1 month ago by Trey
Barbara Pevec

hey Tom!

what payment method do you recommend? mastercard direct or paypal?

thanks for your time to answer 🙂

chears 🙂


Hey tom in was looking to buy a doll but I was wondering whats a good and reliable way to warm them up


What do you think of Are they legit?


I knew the prices of the dolls were too cheap. I will avoid. Thank you Tom for your help.


Hello Tom, I’m looking for a Flight Cases to buy. Some sites only sell the cases along with the purchase of a doll. Americansexdolls and DollsClub advertise the cases on their website. Would you recommend these sites or do suggest I look elsewhere?

Jean-Pierre Seghers

is the vendor a trusty vendor i want to buy in europe Belgium a sex doll but dont want to get ripped off

Nickname BERNIE for privacy

WED 31 MAR 2021 Yes sir …I am trying to read all carefully. I do not wish to cause you legal problems or problems in the real world as it were yes? But are you willing to share your direct input on which vendors are legit and who to avoid. Mainly speaking about TPE product made in Asia. Silverdoll was impossibly pricey ….or so I thought at first. They answer all emails in less than 48 hrs and in retrospect seem legit but they do not list product currently in stock. Their staff is nice enough via email. When I… Read more »


Hey there Tom! I wanted to know what ypu thonk of is it legit or are they scammers?


I did read quite a few of these questions and didn’t see my topic, BUT FORGIVE ME IF I MISED IT. Checked out website “ and looked very professional. Offered all the well known brands. Any dealings with them Tom?
Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you.


What method of cleaning the vagina and anus of your doll would be best? A shower hose enema attachment or the regular douche bottle method?

james sutton

is it possable to buy a love doll for less than 500 dollars

Ty Ty

Hey Tom, I was wonderng about the whole standing foot option. I like feet and think the bolts my turn me off a bit and after reading some of your posts you’ve mentioned that the skeleton can tear through the bottoms of the feet. With that being said do most standing options have some kind of plate in the foot to keep it standing? And also kinda contridictive to the question, I’m struggling to think of when I’d like the doll to stand… I am definitely only stepping into this world now and I’m struggling to think of why I’d… Read more »


Hello Tom, How do you feel about using Promo Codes on the sites that you have recommended? Does that usually change the quality of the doll because they’re selling it at a much cheaper price? One site is offering a 20% discount on certain dolls. RLSD

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Barbara Pevec

Hey Tom!
why u think big boobs are not good with gel implant? because of weight?
im buyin with gel WM 174 G (H on this site) .. and l dont wanna make mistake.. what u think?
thank you Tom

Last edited 1 month ago by Barbara Pevec

Hello Tom
I believe that I have been scammed but is there any way that I can dm you directly I believe that they are tied to one of the bigger web sights I am very new to all this and jumped at really the first thing I saw


I have not received it yet but had them call me and it was from another websites number (one of your least favorites) saying that they will assure me that the doll will be delivered whithin the next week and they say that they are the manufacturer so I take that as counterfeit or I guess you can help me with that hahaha


I am also getting two packages from a company from nj as well I will take pictures of the doll or whatever I get within two days the two other boxes maybe the heads come in a week


Hi Tom, i am from Sweden and i want to thank you for all the information about sexdolls, i watched all your videos and i wish you continue to make videos, i also read all the information on the blog, i am planning to buy my first sexdoll but here in Sweden we don’t have many vendors like in US, i found just two, can you please do me a favour and look at them and tell me what you think about them, the prices in swedish crowns you can easily just divide by 10 and you get it in… Read more »


Thank you


Hi Tom, thanks for All Your hard work. I would like to know your opinion on this website is it legit/safe or not?


Thank you 🙂

Blue Cyclone

The site can[…] is setting off my spidey sense, but it the only one I can find that has prices in Canadian. I know is located in Canada, but their prices are in USD.

So, (1) can you confirm/deny that can[…] is a scam, and (2) do you know of any retailer that lists costs in Canadian dollars?

And, btw, I wish I could contribute to humanity as much as you have. This site is really awesome!!

Dylon McGowan

Is a legit website?


help me please. first time buyer. really really wanna get one doll.
are these ebay stores legit? (looked they have thousands of sales, feedback)
will the quality on these be terrible? (ebay says they have sold hundreds)


have you ever heard anything on racyme dolls?
these two stores seem to have so many sales.


Hey, I’m looking to but my first doll. But on a budget. Is it possible to buy one directly at a store and not online? If not what are some legitimate sites that I can safely purchase from?


Is or scams. Can you tell me the #1 site to buy a tpe doll you would buy from?


one has E and the other one doesn*t…
Witch one is the right one if it is at all?



Barbara Pevec

thank you


Tom just to confirm – when you type in “” it redirects to “” which looks legit. But the “” site looks legit too (at least their prices are just as high). Is eartherotic ok?


Is tinysexdolls legit?

Diego Reyes

Hi Tom! it’s me, Diego again! I would like to ask you a few things about a doll from a site you suggested me time ago, I found a person who can deliver me (I guess…) products from the U.S.A, and I have some worries about “building” a love doll from this site (M-Cup) I would like ask your opinion about build this doll with hard skin with gel implants, or ultra soft skin with hollow breasts, I am not sure what do choose because I’m looking for nice jiggles and a good durability, mostly because I am from… Read more »

Barbara Pevec

Is this site legit?
best regards


Thx for your quick answer 😉 And what about Are they legit?


Hey there,
can you help me finding out if this website is a scam or not ? he looks like he made those on his own and they are so nice
www dot secretlovetoyz dot com/25-inch-fantasia/
thank you 


Just curious if is a legitimate site or a scam.

Jay Parker

Not a question just a thank you for all your help.


Thank you for your hard work btw, but I saw sexdollcanada is legit what about sexdollamerica?


Hi! Looking to buy my first doll and I like this one a lot:
While looking for reviews I came across your site and I thought I’d ask. Is GoMdoll Canada reputable? Thanks!
Edit: I found it 101$ cheaper there:
Will I get ripped off?

Last edited 1 month ago by Fred

I exchanged some e-mails with the seller and they kinda convinced me. they have a showroom (call ahead for an appointment because of covid) and it’s possible to pick up the doll at their warehouse and pay face to face. Once there, I’ll ask to inspect it before paying. We’ll see how it goes


Hello Tom,

Is a reliable vendor to buy a doll from or are they a scam?


Looked at “”. Beautiful dolls, but will I get ripped off?


is mistresslovedolls and thedollchannel a scam?


I have bought 3 cheaper dolls. And had problems with tight joints and loose joints and tearing. So I thought I will pay 3 times the price and get a good brand. And had it go all good for about 7 months, and then back broke. I noticed it started to bend at times too easy and then on its own till it finally snapped. When I decided to bear the pain and cut her open to see the damage, I found the break was around a weld that supports the whole weight of the doll. A weld footprint of… Read more »


Thank you for your condolences. You are really good at this. Keep up the good work.


My first cheap doll, one leg was not moving side to side, making opening her legs properly not possible. It was sort of opened, then didn’t move further. I didn’t realise this till after I has used it seated, and the other leg therefore was too wide, and it started to TEAR the VG! Trying to loosen it actually put pressure on all other joints and made them looser. And it still too tight. All my trying to loosen it up failed. Eventually the back had a joint come loose and I had to work out how to cut a… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by Danny

About doll forum members. The owners of these are usually promoting dolls with commission or sell their own. So any posts about named brands might be removed by the staff to save the brands face. After seeing how small the tubing is for the central point that holds it all together with all the weight. I would have thought many others would have this problem. That is if the same design is common to them all. I would have expected 3mm instead of 1mm for the rolled sheet metal tube. I would have expected it to be welded on the… Read more »


Does a list exist somewhere of reputable, scam, budget dolls?
I’m in New Zealand and the only way we can get these dolls without spending a fortune is through Chinese sites like aliexpress.. I saw a store named linkooer but I am highly skeptical. I’m not interested in the looks for perfection because I want to use the doll with trackers in VR. I don’t care if its face is plane when in vr she’s a goddess.. I’m more worried about a dodgy metal skeleton not bending the doll without me fucking its leg off 🦵


So Marty, did you buy a Linkooer doll ?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x