Best sex doll in 2019?

What is the best sex doll in 2019? In my opinion, nothing beats the new WMdoll 166cm C-cup doll. The amount of details on this doll’s body is absolutely mind blowing. Of course, you can buy this body with any skin color, head and wigs that you wish.

Best sex doll in 2019

I am a breasts man and I have always been very unhappy with sex dolls hard silicone type breasts. Since about 6 months, major top sex dolls manufacturers are offering a “soft breasts” option. Looking at the video below, it looks like this option does the job real well. These breasts looks and feels much better then any dolls that I have seen until now.


She is definitely the best sex doll in 2019 until now! 

If ever any manufacturers make any better ones, I will add them to this article.

I really like this manufacturer. They really take care of the details. Just look at her stomach muscles, the few very realistic ribs, her beautiful ass. I also really like the fact that her anus looks like a real one. I have seen so many dolls where they just put a hole there without any details.

Best sex doll in 2019 Best sex doll in 2019Best sex doll in 2019 Best sex doll in 2019

You can buy a body with bigger breasts if you wish however for me that C-cup looks really like gorgeous real women’s breasts. Of course, the next big question is : Where to buy her? I have not made an article yet but I have found a very good supplier near where I live. I didn’t want to buy online anymore as I had lost my trust so I went there physically. They are legit. I bought 3 dolls from them until now and never had any problems. I am not implicated in any way in their business but I feel secure enough to recommend them to you.

Anyway, they have this model. You can customize her as you wish or buy exactly the one from the pictures:

I have not bought this doll yet. If ever you have bought her and can recommend the provider you bought her from, I’d be happy to list it here. Please note that I will need proofs. In this matter, I just do not trust anyone else than me… and people that can back up their claims. For a list of recommendations on what to look when you buy a doll, have a look at this article. And please, do yourself a favor, do not try to buy her from a cheap provider 😉


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