First time buyers information

If you are a first-time buyer and that you are landing on this page, it
means that you are a brilliant and prudent person. Congratulations!

Do not buy any sex doll without viewing this video carefully, it 
contains essential information for any first-time buyer.

1. What is TPE and what is silicone?
2. What are the major sex dolls brands?
3. Why are there so many price differences for the same advertised doll?
4. What is the dropshipping business model and why should you care?
5. Why should you NEVER buy directly from the Chinese?

Learning what’s inside this video is essential to understand 
the industry as well as what you are doing when you buy a doll.


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I know that you do not recommend buying directly from manufacturer, but why wouldn’t it be possible to buy a piper doll, directly from … ? I mean, they surely do not sell copies. Strangely though, they are more expensive than other seller. Thanx for your answer and your help !


Hello! I’m starting to do some research about sex dolls. I read your blog about the pages that sell sex dolls and so on, but i have a question about the shipping.
What about south america? Do you know any tip for shipping in this countries?
I’m from Argentina.
oh, and good blog!