reliable sex dolls suppliers

Reliable sex dolls suppliers

I finally put off a list of honest suppliers. In order to be in my list, suppliers need to meet these criteria : 
You can find more on my criteria method here.

Sell the original brands. (Its a must)

Forget about store offering more than 15% discount (unless they boosted their price to give you the impression that you are saving)
  They will send you a cheap counterfeit doll. A few “legit” stores have been caught doing this lately.

Do not sell cheap dolls. (Some suppliers sell original brands AND cheap replicas)

Have a phone number where someone actually answers. (No phone number: forget it)

Speak proper English and reply quickly to emails or phone messages. (You need proper customer service)

They need to have dolls “in stock” immediately available for shipping. (The most important of all!! You need serious people that invested in their business)

Not use any “urgency” method or any other old trick to force a sale. (No bullshit needed)

They have been to China and have visited the factories that they are dealing with. (They mean serious business + they have a better relationship with the companies they deal with.)

They are not using any fake reviews. They are easy to spot, they are short and they mostly say something like “Exactly like on the pics”, “Best doll ever!”, “I am so happy with her!”. (No bullshit needed)

Of course, the fact that I can personally vouch for a company should make you feel secure: You don’t want any headache? Buy from them. Do you think you can find better somewhere else? You do so at your own risks. Make sure you follow my advices above and my criteria method here.

List of honest, reliable sex dolls suppliers :

  1. Sex Doll Shop 2. Real Dolls 3. Silicone Wives More to come!    
Working phone number Reliable sex dolls suppliers Reliable sex dolls suppliers Reliable sex dolls suppliers      
Speak proper English Reliable sex dolls suppliers Reliable sex dolls suppliers Reliable sex dolls suppliers      
Reply fast to messages Reliable sex dolls suppliers reliable-sex-dolls-suppliers Reliable sex dolls suppliers      
Do not use old sale method Reliable sex dolls suppliers Reliable sex dolls suppliers Reliable sex dolls suppliers      
Do not use false reviews Reliable sex dolls suppliers Reliable sex dolls suppliers reliable-sex-dolls-suppliers      
Been to China and visited the factories Reliable sex dolls suppliers Doesn’t apply reliable-sex-dolls-suppliers      
Professional website Reliable sex dolls suppliers Reliable sex dolls suppliers Reliable sex dolls suppliers      
Sells original brands Reliable sex dolls suppliers Reliable sex dolls suppliers Reliable sex dolls suppliers      
Have dolls “in stock” Reliable sex dolls suppliers Reliable sex dolls suppliers reliable-sex-dolls-suppliers      
I personally vouch for them? YES NO NO      
NOTES This supplier is where I get all my dolls.

Do you want to be safe? Buy from them.

They are very well known. They were the first to offer high-end silicone sex dolls. They do not check for all my requirements however, they were one of the first online companies to sell Chinese sex dolls.      


I am sure that other suppliers…

meet my requirements however, I can not personally vouch for them. If for any reason you prefer not to buy from the reliable sex dolls  suppliers list sites that I recommend you to, then for your own sake, just make sure that the site you will buy from meets the requirements above.



I won’t make a list to spare me legal issues but :

Just avoid ALL websites that are offering deals that are too good to be true. Site claiming that they can offer a legit $800 doll that is usually sold for $1999 because they “cut the middle man” is purely and simply lying to you. They will use legit companies’ promotion content to sell you a piece of crap

You don’t want to get ripped off? Stick with my reliable sex dolls suppliers list above and you will never have any type of problems. You don’t find your dream doll on one of these websites? Then do not forget to check if the website which you will buy from meets my list of requirements above.  It is literally a jungle out there. Don’t be the prey.

There is also something quite new that I saw lately in sex dolls websites and it is suppliers that are offering without any doubt counterfeit dolls -I can recognize those because of the prices- AND they are also offering dolls at a legit price… So, its fair to ask ourselves: Are they, in fact, selling counterfeit dolls at the price of legit dolls?

That’s kind of worrisome. Just be very careful when you buy your doll. If you are not sure, you can always shoot a question on my “Ask me anything” page or on my Youtube channel

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Hi Tom,
I am considering buying a doll from this Montreal based store called Se[…]een[…]om/ and need your wisdom. Do you know if this store is legit/reliable? Thank you.


Hello Tom,
I am a first buyer and I want to trust SE[…]LL.
Could you give me your point of view brother? I would appreciate.
I ask you this because RLSD does not answer my emails.


Hi Tom!(:
I was just wondering if these two websites can be trusted Real Love Sex Dolls and Sexy Sex Doll? Their websites and reviews seem to be legit!… but being the skeptic that I am, I always am trying to get advice from someone who will know what they are talking about when making a pricey purchase, much thanks in advance for the help! (:


What about SRSD? Are they good? They have every doll on sale right now but it looks like they just made it seem like the original price was a lot more than what it actually is to make it look like big discounts. I’m asking about this one because this site offers the payment option of klarna which I like to use to make big online purchases and pay it back over monthly payments to make it easier on my wallet. The doll I want is “on sale” for the price of 2,099 and it says the original price was… Read more »

Miguel Naidoo

Hi Tom the wise

S[…]s, are they scammers or ney? This WM (linked below) doll in particular.


Thanks for taking your time, much appreciated.



Hi Tom, this website has everything you said, more or less, to look for a scammy website. Even a phone number, but their prices are a bit low. What do you think?


Is it snake oil?


Thank you so much for your insight. I appreciate the help you are offering to many people, you have my respect.


I am surprised that nobody has mentioned this company here. They seem to have a good and pervasive reputation.


Can you please explain why? They are very prominent and well known on the doll forums. Just wondering. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.


Thank you very much, Tom. Perhaps others can chime in here about their site. Right now I am going with the one you are recommending. They are very responsive and transparent with everything that I have asked. Excellent!


https://si[…]a would you trust this?


Tom, 1 of your Criteria is that the company should have a Phone number: “No Phone # forget it” But has no phone number. They wrote via email to me that they don’t have a phone # advertised because they are cater to worldwide locations and multiple time zones. But they did reply almost immediately to the e-mail I wrote in their online customer service form to let me know all of the foregoing I wrote (so that’s responsive). Also, http://www.kimberdoll doesn’t have an independent trust pilot review either, although Racyme does. Are you sure Kimberdoll can be trusted? They are also… Read more »


Lately (as of July 20, 2020), There are a handful of sex dolls, by companies “just launched” as in (recently launched) on Amazon dot com and obviously since they’re relatively new have no customer service reviews. They offer prime delivery which is 2 day delivery, meaning if it doesn’t come in 2 days as described you can get your money back. That is, if you have the ability to lug a 70 pound doll, or maybe I don’t know, you can schedule with UPS a pick up? But their prices are $550 to $880 for such dolls. They are responsive,… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by mike

Kimber Doll dot com has a United Kingdom website, in addition to its U.S. Website, and absolutely No Trust Pilot Reviews. Trust pilot is an independent company. Kimber doll does not have a customer service phone number either. They do have a California address, but that doesn’t mean anything. 1 sex doll place based supposed in California, I investigated recently with the property manager said Premium Dolls is not a tenant at the building, not even anything remotely resembling such a company; I even was frank with the poor front desk girl and she told me not only is Premium… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by mike

Hi Tom, 1 more thing has no phone number. They wrote via email to me that they don’t have a phone # advertised because they are cater to worldwide locations and multiple time zones. But they did reply almost immediately to the e-mail I wrote in their online customer service form to let me know all of the foregoing I wrote. Also, http://www.kimberdoll doesn’t have an independent trust pilot review either. Are you sure they can be trusted? They are also asking 1st time customers to pre-order the kimball doll because it’s anticipated back in stock July 29, 2020….shouldn’t… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by mike

Also, what’s interesting is that Some of the Amazon prime dolls have believeable reviews that don’t sound choppy, but in good, natural English, these are the high end ones available on amazon dot com prime which means prime 2 day delivery. If someone was in danger of hurting their penis, Amazon could get legally into trouble, right? In fact, some of the reviews complain about the weight or not being able to move the arms as easily, so they’re not totally 5 out of 5 stars…and if you email the company through the amazon email system, they’ll get back to… Read more »


Hey Tom, I’ve been looking at the Rachel doll from RLLD website ( and saw the identical doll being sold on the SRSD ( website. I wanted to bounce this off of you as to which website could be more trusted if you knew since you’re an expert. Thanks.


So I emailed https://wm….us/ and asked if I could get a specific head on my doll that wasn’t listed #242. He then referred me to buy from https://hum… It says they are based in the U.S. but their prices are about $400 cheaper on all dolls than from https://w… and I’m not sure whether I should buy from them or not.


Hi, I am trying to find a good source for a silicone (not TPE) doll. There are many players out there. I went to and I am only seeing TPE. Thanks

Yasir S.

Also has dolls that are last years models for as low as 1100. Is that a legit site and is the last year models worth it?

Last edited 2 months ago by Yasir S.

Hi Tom. I ordered my doll from sex doll shop in Canada that is where you said you get your dolls. Its been 7 days since I paid and made the order. How much longer do you think it will be to hear back from them. I ordered the 156 h cup doll you posted in a video. Shes perfect. I have a lot of anxiety about this whole process but was able to commit and order thanks to your video and recommendation.


I have heard back from them in reference to the order he has been very fast to respond to everything I was just wondering in your experience how long the factory takes to send a picture.


Is Yannova legit?


Hi just came across your site and also Youtube. Thanks for the information.

Is Sex[…] a legit supplier?

Last edited 3 months ago by Chris

Hello Tom, Im looking for this doll is that website legit? or
Are these website legit or i should just avoid them? Also Its my 1st purchase, any experience with these kind of dolls that have a nipple hole too?


Thanks for ur advice, i send another comment (i thought this did not made it to the site). Yeah i cant decide, cuz cloudclimax kind of looks real but they was not really to sure when i asked them about details. On the other hand finelovedolls sent me way more information and pictures too. But they said their office is at Chine, with a twist that they are French nationals that lives there.

So my final 2 sellers are finelovedolls and your recommandation the sexdolls-shop.

Thanks again for your responde.


Hello everyone, many thanks for your recommendation and support and always at your disposal if anything is ever needed! @Tom, very sorry to read that our firewall is not granting you access here. Feel free to email us your IP at so that we can whitelist it accordingly right away. We do block quite a lot of countries where we don’t operate, and IP ranges by default and are a bit over cautious when it comes to security @Jason, our sincere apologies that you doll took so long to arrive, May in particular has seen unprecedented disruption of global… Read more »

Jason Charles

Didn’t want to comment on Fine Love Dolls until I received my order. They have a very comprehensive website with a lot of information. They also referenced this site as well. They responded to my emails promptly and answered all my questions. Ordered my Piper Ariel on June 6, received my order on the 26th. Nice!

They are Legit.

Her shoes and thigh high socks were an added bonus I wasn’t expecting


Hi @Viktor… I concur that Fine Love Dolls is legit too! I bought a JY 140 from FLD (, they call her “Adria” but she’s my Vanessa. I love the heck out of her.

Of course, I ordered at the height of the COVID-19 scare, so I wasn’t as fortunate as you… Order placed with the factory April 3 (in my best estimate), arrived around May 15th. But she’s my love.

So, yeah… FLD is 100000000% legit.


Hi Tom,
Have you tried buying from ?
Is this site legit ?
thank you so much


is legit?


Do you have an opinion or experience with this company?[….]


I buy from one of these and the photo for aproval seem really different. Can you contact me for told me if its because I didt have experiance with doll or if iths really not the same one?


Hi again was looking up on sites to buy a doll and came across this one called I not sure if there legit site to buy dolls but from, what take do you think of it? And thanks for recommending me to check out that one site you buy from.


Hello, are your top choices made from TPE or silicone? It sounds like silicone would be a better choice but Sex Doll Shop doesn’t seem to have a single one for sale. At least their best looking dolls all seem to be made from TPE. Besides who you buy from, isn’t what material the doll is made from one of the first and most important decisions one can make? Are your favorites made with silicone or soft skin TPE? More on this topic would be appreciated. Direct links to your recommended or favorite dolls with a list of preferable options… Read more »


Hey Tom I found this site know anything about if it’s fake or legit buyers?


Hi Tom,

Do you have any experience with mysiliconelovedoll or information if this vendor is legit.

Thank you again,




These guys legit?


Hi Tom,

Thank you so much for the work you are doing here.

Please can you advise if you think that the dolls from are legit and worth the value.

The prices are very affordable – but i fear the material of which they make their dolls is not durable.

Please help.

Kind regards,


Hey Tom, was wondering if this one looked legit to you. I’m a first time buyer and have been doing a lot of research & really like all your post/reviews. Just wanted to make sure this looked legit.



Thank you Tom. Do you happen to know of any reputable vendors/sites that would sell that doll or one with that body style?


Hi Tom saw your page and thanks for helping us avoid scammers. Do you have any Youtube Channel that i can follow you?


Hi Tom, thinking about buying a first doll too. How do you think about 6yedoll? I find the dolls pretty realistic looking. They often seem like to have more realistic shapes too. Would you recommend them? Pro ? Contra? TPE? Soft? Realistic?


Hi Tom, Wondering if is safe to buy from


Hey Tom know this site sex[…] Think it’s a legit site?


Oh okay, how this other site I found called Annie’s


Hi tom,
Wondering what your thoughts are on the company absolute sex dolls? I paid through PayPal, they have quick and prompt customer service response but the thing that worries me is it’s been two weeks and they havent shipped and when I contacted them they said warehouse was out of stock and product needed to be shipped from china. The doll is 100 cm tall and i paid 400 dollars for it. What do you think? You think I’ve been scammed and need to open a dispute in PayPal to get my money back?


My bad Tom this is the url
Id appreciate the feedback


did this site end up working out?


Hello Tom.. I’m a first time buyer willing to drop a little over a grand on my first doll ever..
I was just wondering what you thought about Saw one I really liked and I think they’re based in france..
I’d really appreciate a reply thanks!


I Tom Is it possible to match a WM dolls head if i wanted it tanned with a YL Dolls body also tanned, would there be a colur diffrance?


Ive tried checkin out as much background info i could on. its hard to tell if there legit or not.. you have any experience with them at all. or could maybe look em up and tell me what you think? appreciate it


http://www.lov[…] it is still up, dont know why they had like 5 sites listed, moat links never worked. Eve may answer you, but last I checked their store on alibaba is gone. I have purchased from them, as well as many others, before, but I advise to test the water before you dive in.


oh whoa, that site was not that bad before, I was about to type how all factories make all the model sizes, but they seem to emphasized on those young dolls, even use the term children, child, baby. After seeing the direction they took, pass on that and they aren’t exactly pricing low enough anymore to save anyone over another place. They had a shop on Alibaba which if even Alibaba tosses you out, there is a problem, no good. BTW Tom, any contacts and suggestions as I research my own and get back up to speed?


Is this a good site to get dolls for https://dol[…]


Hi Tom what to ask you on which sites you go on to buy a sex doll?


Do you know of if there a legit site to buy a JyDoll type doll?

Lashaya Williams

Hello I am looking for a company that will sell me a sex doll, but this is the catch I own a online clothing boutique and I want to use the doll for this purpose only as a model. I don’t need the sex parts at all no holes in the doll. Mannequins are just not the look I am going for. Let me know if you have any info please. Thank you

Lashaya Williams

love holes lol thank you i will check that out.

Lashaya Williams

I checked out that site, Thank you. However that doll is to small but the price was nice for what i want to use it for. would you happen to know of another site that has around the same price but maybe a bigger doll? I need the doll to be able to fit size small clothing without it look big on her. My apologies if to much to ask.


AliExpress seems to generally be one to avoid. All of the dolls have that “too good to be true” pricing, and the sellers are all using the same photos found on more legit sites. Plus, dispute resolution is utter garbage.


How about Se[….]nie? They look pretty legit.


Cool. Thanks. I had asked another question on the “Ask Me Anything” thread when you have a moment. I’m interested in knowing which brands tend to have the most realistic vagina and anus in your experience. Peace!


Hi Tom, great website – very very helpful! What are your thoughts on Fine[…..]lls? They offer a huge selection – biggest I’ve seen.. factory pictures, and legit reviews. Their prices are a little higher than Sex Dolls Shop. Just curious.


Ah man, no worries, thanks for trying. In their reviews section they actually link to your website and give you some credit. Based on what I’ve learned from you they look pretty legit, but I’d curious to hear your final word if their site ever works for you. Thanks again.


Any dealings with Sexy Real Sex Dolls?


That ran discounts on every doll that had. Ordered the 166cm c cup WM doll Jill. They had good reviews but things are taking awhile.


Thank you do much for offering your insight into reliable sex doll purchases. I really appreciate your input especially since you are Canadian and I live near Ottawa. I find Canadian reviewers the most trust-worthy! I am on the verge of purchasing one off Aliexpress website from Chinese supplier, Linkooer with the following description: Linkooer 158cm Big Breast Lifelike Sex $522.50 US I really want this doll and Canadian distributors sell this particular doll at $1699 CAN + HST. I read a review saying that Aliexpress has some reliable chinese providers and made the convincing point, “where do you think… Read more »


What’s your opinion on ame……
The prices seem to match what I see at other places. Does this site look legit?


Hello there, Tom!

I like your blog + youtube channel, it’s really cool what you are doing. I am planning to buy a Piper Doll and I found a promising site called [do……] which seem legit. They claim they are “an authorized preferred retailer” and actually their customer service is very responsive & helpful. What do you think about them?



hi Tom,
What is your opinion about……om. They have two locations, in San Antonio and in DC. I purchased a doll through amazon, and although she is a replica, has lasted over 2 years. I’ m considering another doll. I looked at your suppliers as well. Just wondering if there are any additional charges when purchasing their dolls from within Canada?.


Hey there, I just watched/ found your channel I wish I found it a day before today: but anyway I just got the model you had reviewed a few months ago.

I got it from – https://www.j…….om/

They seem legit and I did look at 20 + sites and did have one of your recommended sites on my shortlist.

They did not giv eme the option for hollow brest but i just sent them a message asking they confirm that’s what i am getting – waiting to hear back , thanks!


What about AS Doll
Are they a good brand? I asked and they said their quality is just as good as the WM doll.

Also what is the official website of WMdolls and not of their distributors?


Why? Because factory has inferior customer service? Or their processing time is longer?


Just wondering if you thought YourDoll website seemed legit. Says they sell wm dolls and a bunch of other things make it seem like it’s a good site but I was just wanting an expert opinion greatly appreciate it thanks


Tom what is your opinion on this site?…….-37
They are offering a doll I really want at $800 for black friday and I don’t care if it’s the eyeless variant. The bodies should be the same.
The ones with eyes are priced over $300 more for black friday prices.
They are TDF approved if that means anything.
I’m so close to buying from them, I’m just waiting for your opinion

Also TDF approved
This other site had a doll I wanted but can’t afford yet even with black friday prices.

Tom Straub

“2 different customers sent me pics of dolls that they bought from someone very well known on their list: Both counterfeit.”

Could you share the photos ?


Hello Tom
I recently purchased on from do…….de It didnt arrive yet but after reading this review I just realized that there a lot of scammers out there. I was wondering what is your opinion for this online store. The price seems within was considered normal but that doesnt mean anything. I checked it through https://www.scama……….m and at the time it seemed ok
Also check this site out that seems to good to be true fu……


Hi Tom,
Have a look at this website…… seems quite reliable, however, you’re the king of sex dolls so you will have a better view.


Tom what is your opinion of ia…… Thanks


I bought a doll on ebay from Muddolow who claimed he was an authorized WM Doll distributor. He advertised the doll as TPE which I had decided I wanted over medical grade silicone. I’d never seen TPE so when I got the doll I thought it was TPE. The doll had a strong odor that diminished over time but three years later you can still smell up close. It also leached a greasy substance, that also stopped over time. A year later I bought the Legs TPE doll from 1am (https://ia………egs/) as I wanted something lighter. When I got it… Read more »


I am looking at a site called y…… this will be my first time purchasing. Do you think this site is legit?


They say that they have a physical location in the states and have a showroom you can visit (M-F). Does something like that show authenticity or can that be fake as well in your opinion?


racem… is it legit or not good since I wanna buy from amazon.

thx to help other buyers <3


Ok thx a lot 😉 ..ooh dmn their price is so good but 1k or + is really alot like sexdollsshop :/


Is there no chance to get a doll around 600-800?:/ could not afford more…


One more question, have you heard of re… Seems like its a pretty legit seller. Do you have any opinions?


Sir, what you think about “ha……ls” company. You think they are reliable or trusthworthy?


What is the best route to go to my buy first doll at the best price, that isn’t a piece of crap


Again me Tom! I decided to ask you this question in a new comment, to not to mix the topics: I like so much the face of this two dolls: https://www.j……………6.html https://www.j……………4.html I want to buy both heads, but with a different body than the one they have in those pictures, but the thing is that I don’t know if to trust this website or not. What do you think? Do you know anything about them? I don’t know if they sell just cheap replicas. Have you ever seen those 2 doll faces in any other trustworthy website? I’m new… Read more »


Hi Tom!
– Do you think this website is legit? –> sil…… // I don’t know if they really sell original dolls or just cheap copies.
Thank you so much!


Hi Tom,
I am looking for a reliable sex doll website to potentially look at buying one. Can I trust this website https://www.sexdoll…


Hi Tom, I’m looking to buy my first doll and I don’t want to mess up. I’m trying to buy a piper doll because it’s cheaper and much easier to move around. The thing is that I don’t know which site I should use to order. You put down sexdolls-shop as being reliable but I just don’t see any reviews on it so I’m a bit skeched out. Silicone-sexy-doll sells the same exact doll $100 less then sexdolls-shop but doesn’t offer any extra clothing or wigs, plus the option for.. Evo legs? I don’t know if I should even add… Read more »


It sure does help! Thank you so much for the help! Though I’d like to ask, what’s the difference between the regular and Evo skeleton?


Hi Tom. Just wondering if you know of or have ever dealt with the people at Fa… The site seems legit, but I wanted to see if you have any knowledge about them? Thank you.


Hey Tom, I’m looking at purchasing a doll from ‘se…’ (….-h-cup/). The price is quite considerable, so I want to ask for your brief assessment before I seriously consider purchasing. From examining the face in the promotional images, as well as in the wig options below it does appear that the promotional images give an accurate portrayal of the face, with the exception of lipstick and eye liner. It does bug me a bit though that the promotion face does seem a bit softer, which I prefer, although maybe that can be fixed with makeup. The WMdoll head 124 which… Read more »


Could you please tell me what you think of “Fin…..olls” company? It’s a European guy who owns it and is based and lives in Shanghai, China. I have an acquaintance who’s been communicating with them and I’m told they seem very communicative and extremely helpful and with no pressure at all, and the website is very professional. I’m thinking of getting a doll, and my friend is also ready to buy now. We have a good feeling about this company but would like another opinion.


Hi Tom, Thanks for your quick response. I’ve contacted another review site that seemed quite biased towards two particular companies, and it just didn’t feel right. They didn’t even bother responding to me at all, so thanks again. No, I certainly won’t blame you if there’s a problem… just wanted another (in your case, unbiased, expert) opinion. For your information, I’ll let you know how I get on with them. Just another little point that will hopefully help you out. Your conversion, as in *many* (in fact, most) doll sites I’ve seen, from cm to inches is completely out. For… Read more »


Hi Tom Remember the suspicious pictures of the china vendor I sent you earlier? Now I found an “original” of it here: This German shop sells it under the new label “True Doll”. I chatted with them for a while, but at the moment when I asked, “how it happens that the body looks 1:1 the same as the WM body,” the chat was aborted immediately. I think that speaks for itself … I is definitely a copy, but surprisingly, there are many (fake?) reviews that confirm that the quality is the same as the WM body. This… Read more »


Hi. Nice to meet you. Can you trust this site? https://aliexrep…61227


Thank you for your answer. Can you recommend a company that can buy Sanhui Doll?


Hi Tom! Thank you for all the information you share with us. Maybe some people (including me) think that if something goes wrong buying thru aliexpress, we could ask for our money back, according to aliexpress buyer protection program. And when we buy directly in to any other site, we never know if we could get our money back. But I just find your website and now I’m thinking to trust the sex doll shop you recommend. Also because I see they accept PayPal, and PayPal also help you in some way to claim your meny back if something goes… Read more »


Hi Tom Thanks to you, I identified all visited ali***** suppliers as scammers. But I have a problem with one in terms of “it is a counterfeit of WHAT?” The one that I mean sells its dolls under the “brand” Jellynew (even it is clear that some pictures shows WM-Dolls). But there are some REALLY good looking pictures, that I was not able to find the original brand/manufacturer. Maybe you can point me to where I can found the real ones: (Please remove if publishing the post) Are you able to… Read more »


Hi Tom

Yes I know that these are scammers and I would never buy from them.
I could not found these models, but now I see most are still WMDOLL models. Thanks for your effort to find it.

The only one I still wonder is:

I really wonder what the original brand is and where to get it.


WOW. You are damn good. I did not expect, that they copy the original and made some OWN pictures… incredibly.
Thank you Sherlock.


But what you mean with “There is no ribs on the original body from the real brand.” On Erika, there are rips and It looks identical to me…

a curious boi

this looks neat, can i ask you if these 2 are actually any good?
i am asking cuz i personally dont know what price these dolls are supposed to be priced and stuff, so i have no idea.
there are other websites im aware off, but i have another important question, how do these places deal with custom and tolls in other countries?

a not as curious of a boi anymore

thank you and sorry for the links, i did not know i was not supposed to use them, as i was simply seeing if those were decent, since i saw some dolls that peaked my interest, and since i was not sure about wether the sites were good or not, i wanted to see if someone not connected to them thought of it, thank you for the answer and sorry again for the links stuff thingy.

Julian Ketcher

What about
I’m getting an uneasy feeling about the way it’s progressing.

The Grim Reaper

Hi. I’m soooo happy I saw one of your YouTube videos. I was just about to purchase a doll off of DHGATE that was made by multiple companies telling me they made them at their factories and I had the companies competing for my business. I had both companies willing to sell for around $550 USD. I was thinking I was going to get a great deal. I saw a Jarliet doll that I’ve been wanting really bad that was around $1000 before shipping that Silver Doll has for about $1,500. I guess I’m not going to do that either.… Read more »


Great article! Thank you so much for the good advice and for sharing your horrible experiences. I really appreciate it!

I just ordered a doll from this website and now, because of your article, I really really worried!

Could you please look at this website and let me know what you think: https://www.p*********.com/

Thanks for any input you can provide.

Randy – From Toronto, CA.


Thanks Tom, I appreciate your quick and honest reply. I’m not convinced that it’s a rip-off quite yet. My communications with these people have been rather convincing and the guy promise is up and down they are original Factory dolls… I guess I’ll know when I receive it. Fingers crossed. By the way, the site uses PayPal which has complete refund recourse. So if things don’t work out I get my money back under product not as described, or product never delivered. PayPal won’t mess around if I can prove it’s not the right doll.


Hi Tom,

Thanks for your previous advice. What is your opinion on sili doll? I was thinking of buying their Summer doll which they have a promotion on now for $1099. Do they have a good reputation? What do you think of their product?

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks again.


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