reliable sex dolls suppliers

Reliable sex dolls suppliers

I finally put off a list of honest suppliers. In order to be in my list, suppliers need to meet these criteria : 
You can find more on my criteria method here.

Sell the original brands. (Its a must)

Forget about store offering more than 15% discount (unless they boosted their price to give you the impression that you are saving)
  They will send you a cheap counterfeit doll. A few “legit” stores have been caught doing this lately.

Do not sell cheap dolls. (Some suppliers sell original brands AND cheap replicas)

Have a phone number where someone actually answers. (No phone number: forget it)

Speak proper English and reply quickly to emails or phone messages. (You need proper customer service)

They need to have dolls “in stock” immediately available for shipping. (The most important of all!! You need serious people that invested in their business)

Not use any “urgency” method or any other old trick to force a sale. (No bullshit needed)

They have been to China and have visited the factories that they are dealing with. (They mean serious business + they have a better relationship with the companies they deal with.)

They are not using any fake reviews. They are easy to spot, they are short and they mostly say something like “Exactly like on the pics”, “Best doll ever!”, “I am so happy with her!”. (No bullshit needed)

Of course, the fact that I can personally vouch for a company should make you feel secure: You don’t want any headache? Buy from them. Do you think you can find better somewhere else? You do so at your own risks. Make sure you follow my advices above and my criteria method here.

List of honest, reliable sex dolls suppliers :

 1. Sex Doll Shop2. Real Dolls3. Silicone WivesMore to come!  
Working phone numberReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers   
Speak proper EnglishReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers   
Reply fast to messagesReliable sex dolls suppliersreliable-sex-dolls-suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers   
Do not use old sale methodReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers   
Do not use false reviewsReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersreliable-sex-dolls-suppliers   
Been to China and visited the factoriesReliable sex dolls suppliersDoesn’t applyreliable-sex-dolls-suppliers   
Professional websiteReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers   
Sells original brandsReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliers   
Have dolls “in stock”Reliable sex dolls suppliersReliable sex dolls suppliersreliable-sex-dolls-suppliers   
I personally vouch for them?YESNONO   
NOTESThis supplier is where I get all my dolls.

Do you want to be safe? Buy from them.

They are very well known. They were the first to offer high-end silicone sex dolls.They do not check for all my requirements however, they were one of the first online companies to sell Chinese sex dolls.   


I am sure that other suppliers…

meet my requirements however, I can not personally vouch for them. If for any reason you prefer not to buy from the reliable sex dolls  suppliers list sites that I recommend you to, then for your own sake, just make sure that the site you will buy from meets the requirements above.



I won’t make a list to spare me legal issues but :

Just avoid ALL websites that are offering deals that are too good to be true. Site claiming that they can offer a legit $800 doll that is usually sold for $1999 because they “cut the middle man” is purely and simply lying to you. They will use legit companies’ promotion content to sell you a piece of crap

You don’t want to get ripped off? Stick with my reliable sex dolls suppliers list above and you will never have any type of problems. You don’t find your dream doll on one of these websites? Then do not forget to check if the website which you will buy from meets my list of requirements above.  It is literally a jungle out there. Don’t be the prey.

There is also something quite new that I saw lately in sex dolls websites and it is suppliers that are offering without any doubt counterfeit dolls -I can recognize those because of the prices- AND they are also offering dolls at a legit price… So, its fair to ask ourselves: Are they, in fact, selling counterfeit dolls at the price of legit dolls?

That’s kind of worrisome. Just be very careful when you buy your doll. If you are not sure, you can always shoot a question on my “Ask me anything” page or on my Youtube channel

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Anxel Torrente

Hiya mate. Anxel here again. I have been checking out some silicone babes on the website I wonder if you have any information about this site? It seems they have all their dolls on sale and even those that they don’t seem to have in stock in either USA or UK. What do you reckon, or know, legit or not legit?


I ordered this doll from and then found your site a few hours later.

I’m now very afraid I’m going to get scammed and am already trying to cancel. Seems like there’s no way I’m going to get a legit doll at that price. What do you think?

Brian T – I purchased a relatively cheap ($360) doll from this site and I was (at first) happy when I received the girl. The skin started to peel a little in certain areas after about 4weeks but barely noticeable. After 8weeks, both feet had broken as part of the frame and they would flop around unsupported. I took very good care of my girl and considered her a partner. I contacted the company, sent them pictures, and their response was that I must have misused the doll and that’s why they broke. I responded I was always very careful with… Read more »

love doll

what do you think the bbdoll


Is legit?


what do you think of dc dollhouse?


Hey Tom, I was wondering what your thoughts were on

They seem legit to my admittedly untrained eye, I’m considering one of their AI Tech models, but it’s a lot of money so before I even reach out to them I thought I’d ask your expert opinion. Thanks!

Last edited 1 month ago by Arc

Hi, what do u think of AIBEI on alibaba  he’s got a website aibiegirls, he’s got some alright deals ,he sells his own brand I believe, this is the doll I’m considering 
AU $1,083.38 54%OFF | AIBEI Sex Doll Fat Full Body Sex Toys Realistic Love Dolls TPE Huge Ass Thick Thighs With Real Vagina Mouth Anus Soft Breasts
Thanks in advance


Man did I get scammed by these people. I’m still getting the runaround it’s been 2 months now and no doll. Scam


What site did you get scammed by?

Joe Blow

Hey Tom, I just wanted to let you know both Real Love Sex Dolls and Passion Dolls are both extremely legit. I’ve actually purchased several dolls from each of them. They’re both manufacturers/vendors. Just curious what you would think at a glance. They also have their own exclusive product lines, including heads, bodies, etc. that are made at the Jinsan factory where the ever popular WM, YL, and OR dolls are produced. RLSD has a physical showroom you can tour in person in Texas, as well as in-stock doll sales often many times a year stored in their own warehouse.… Read more »


Is Apd sex dolls a legit site?


Hi, this is great work you’re doing. Just wondering what you think of mysexdollshop .com. They seem to fit a lot of your criteria, however something doesn’t sit right with me. Thanks for an help possible!

John S

Is legit? Thanks for the feedback…


Venus [redacted] definitely is a scam. I had a conversation with a rep to see if they offer jelly filled breast for a torso doll. The GUY ACTUALLY update the site to show it there!! I never seen any vendor actually do that before. Could be talking out my butt 😂
Wish I could’ve taken a picture before and after XD
Let me know what you think Tom!
And thanks for all the info on what to look for my guy!

Yuki Inoue

Hello thank you for your advices
What do you think about this site?

Yuki Inoue

My intresst are silicon dolls the price is arround 1700 usd.
Shiping is to Japan, there are also cheapdolls on their page, but the most silicondolls prices sems good or normal price.

Is there a way to check the trustworth of them?

Thank you

Yuki Inoue

Ps: Waxdoll is the companie of my desire;
They have more realistic prices then other companies,


Hey Tom, Australia has very few decent suppliers & it can be rather hard to find legitimate doll retailers here, I just came across this website today, any word on authenticity?

kevin holder

Thanks for this article !


I’m interested in just a torso to start. Is sexdolltorso a legit site?


Has anyone ever heard of this site it seems like a scam but figured I’d ask. Thanks


Hey Tom is legit

Robert Chaves

Hey there Tom,
What do you think of this site. I read an article about it and it seems legit.
Let me know what you think about it. I want the true honest thoguhts. I been saving up and I don’t want to lose 2k down the drain for nothing.


Hello Tom, first I’d like to say I love what you do for doll buyers so their buying experience can be easier. Second, I want to know if is a legit place to buy dolls.

Danny K

Spoke to Jack at WMDoll USA branch and asked him about Marco, I was surprised that they knew about and said they would get the order if I placed it with Marco.

These are official site I found, there were more but it was all basically same different location

Best site to teach you how to spot a fake

Sites that seem legit and I’ve had long conversations with.
Marco from
Ricky from

There were more but these were the best

Last edited 1 month ago by Tom

Hi, I live in Brazil, and here the legislation is terrible for those who want to buy a doll, I would like to know if there is any way for me to acquire an original WM DOLLS doll here in my country?


Thanks Tom, I’ll go check it out.


Are dildo’s illegal there also?


Do you k ow anything about I was about to purchase from them when i found your article


Has anyone had any dealings with I thinking of ordering from them. They look legit to me.


Is a scam site?


Hi – do you have any information about ?


In your professional opinion what do you think of this site? It’s listed on a number of reviews but as you said that’s pretty dubious at best. People on Reddit say they seem to mark up the dolls.


Hey thanks for the wonderful site you probably saved me a ton of money from buying one off eBay.

I love your points about being careful ordering a toll Doll that could be 100lbs but I worry that buying a small 3.5-4ft Doll would just make me feel like a pedo or something. Like I’ve met short women who look young but are 25 but with a doll it just feels different.

You know what I mean? I’d rather risk dealing with something heavy I think. Got tips for getting over this?


Anyone know if is legit?

Aren Tapia

I read a comment that you said was the official WM website but I have been talking to Representatives at which told me is an authorized seller.. have you heard of ? Would you say they are an authorized seller I only ask because the WM shop website you gave is different from what I have..


Hi Tom,

I was curious what your thoughts were on the following sites:


Hi Tom, is legit ?


So do not trust TDF and their trusted list?

Not related to TDF
Im also looking for a good pair of doll legs and all the legit brands have some unrealistic out of taste leg dolls i’ve seen and the best i seen prob could guess are fake’s from and which look to good to be true. And the dolls i linked do not have brands listed and the one site is similar to other sites selling that same leg.

Last edited 4 months ago by Hoochi

Tom, I would like some info on dollhouse168. I know they are a manufacturer (at least, it’s how they describe theirselves on the site), but they also sell (or they say). mainly I need to know if I can trust them. I’m not asking if the site is legit (any site, in itself, can be legit), but are their dolls legit? are the prices legit? for example, is a doll that is 128cm for $1,250.00 too low? (for me, someone who doesn’t have $1,000 a month to blow, it sounds high). I realize doll collectors will say doll prices $3000-$5000… Read more »


I hope we can begin to see legit dolls that can compare to a 3K doll for 1800-2200!! I myself cannot afford over 2K realistically..buying a damn car this month and will cost about the same as the freakin doll if Not less somehow…smh (2200)

Is this possible Tom to find a great doll for under 2K or at the most under 2500?


Hi Tom. Found another site from a legit referral from well known blog reviewer on sex toys. Was wondering what you think about the site and feedback to it from customers? Apparently their factory has a lot of former WM doll engineers and makers. Would be curious what you think. Thanks. All the best and cheers.

Last edited 4 months ago by rico

Thanks very much, Tom! Much appreciated!

Tristen Davis

Hey Tom do you know if is legit and real dolls?? Im new to this. And I don’t have any money to lose to scammers, just enough money to buy a good doll barely. And even then I’m ify on money. Scam or not?


Hi, i read so much of questions asking about what site are scams and which ones are not till my eyes started to bleed and i cant bear it anymore but i wanted to also know since i did not see sites listed below by others.,, oh and as i dont recall seeing that being asked, if so sorry.
which is scam sites if at all? Thanks.
Bookmarking all the trusted sites before i buy

Last edited 4 months ago by Hoochi

Hello is legit they seemed to reply fast

Paco Pepe

Me ha gustado una muñeca de la marca Or Doll y me gustaría saber en que tienda puedo comprar la muñeca original y también que me dieras tu opinión sobre esta marca. Solo la he visto en la tienda “La muñeca de plata”, “Silver Doll”


Hi Tom,
Can you help me figure out if this doll shop is legit?

Thank you!


Can you please reach out to me via email? Because I already bought from them.


Hello Brian could you plz share if your experience was a good one or Not?

Scotty Houge

Hey,thanks for the amazing site 🙂 Im interested in a AL artificial intellegence doll.Do you recommend any of those type? I have looked over about 5 so far.Thanks,Scotty


Is a legit company? Do they sell legitimate WM dolls and SE dolls? I found WM Dolls and SE Dolls on their website for cheaper price. A $2650 WM doll for $1799, and a $2150 SE doll for $1699.

1a) WM Doll:
1b) WM Doll from

2a) SE Doll:
2b) SE Doll from


Wow. Thanks for saving me! The article really helped!


Hi Tom,

Thank you for the information provided on your website. Going to invest in my first doll soon and the information you provide has been extremely helpful. Do you have any experience with the starpery brand? Or should I stick to the WM brand? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you


Hi there,
Could you please recommend me some site/shop for mini sex dolls – thats is 65 cm.

Thank you


Can you help me figure out if this site is real or scam


Hi Tom,

I just discovered a silicone brand called TAYU / Artdoll and I am absolutely in love with their dolls. Those bodies looking soooo hot and I just can’t stop looking at the face #6. I could only find those dolls on this website

Do you think they are legit ?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon !



Hello Tom,
Your website it’s just great, thanks for all the good advices.
Could you please share your wisdom about
Are they good to go with?

Frank Johnson

I never heard about these dutch dolls but maybe you can tell me more?
About 99% sure this is a scam though


Do you know if estartek is reliable?


Hello, are these 2 websites legit?
Also is there any doll websites that you can recommend.


Are the following two sites legit or not?
Thank you


Are the following two sites legit or not?
I’m a woman looking for one very specific male doll and I can’t find it on your suggested sites. I tried to cross reference likely scam sites with search results and haven’t had much luck.
Thank you


What about Earth’s Erotics are they a legitimate site in the USA they say the are a authorized seller of WM ,Piper and 1more I can’t remember


Earth Erotics also owns Silacone Wives I found out they are a authorized reseller thanks


you keep saying big brand can u mention a few big brands lol and i’m looking for the doll u reviewed on july 6th 2019 titled “wmdoll 166 C cup sex doll review” plz get back to me




Where’s the best place for the smaller, less expensive mini sex dolls?

Nickname BERNIE for privacy

WED 31 2021
Pardon forgot to mention Absolute is currently running an $800 sale of many dolls payments via Sezzle. JoyLive has a price range similar to Silverdoll and other well referenced retailers, yet does payments via Klarna. With duplicate website formatting… I do not wish to trust either company. There that is everything.

Nickname BERNIE for privacy

WED 31 MAR 2021 In the market as a first time doll buyer. Came across a company that has some of your good guidelines but lists WMDolls as their own. Of course the best looking WMDoll in the photo is not longer in stock yet still listed with other dolls on sale. I believe. Then your other point of seemingly legit retailers getting in on the generic or copycat market. Currently hosts a website that is formatted exactly the same as Joy uses Klarna to help spread out payments and make buying easier but Absolute uses Sezzle… Read more »


So I was looking at . Not sure if that is a real brand since there are things listed here and there. Then on their site they have a reseller link in Germany. Everything looked kinda legit untill I saw a WM Doll posted as a 6YE Doll which made me unsure again.


Any idea about


Hi Tom,

Any info on Tantaly? Recently, they opened a Canadian site. Are they reputable? I contacted them and they told me they have a warehouse in Richmond BC and their head office is in Hong Kong.


Do you have any opinions about the sites 1. 2. 3. 4. Thank you for all your help and advice!

Undi seem to be legit, what do you think ?


Hello. How do you think about the site


Hello! On the delivery time for dolls out of stock is 30-40 days for WM dolls. Also the doll Meli is listed at 1999.00 on their site but on others it’s more expensive. Due to these factors and the dolls being out of stock should I move to another site or do you think that doll is worth that value and I am safe to buy?


I ordered from them and they seem legit. They send your order to the factory and they’ll make it to order if it’s not in stock. They send you photos of the finished doll from the factory before shipping. I haven’t received my order yet, but it didn’t take 40 days to manufacture (WM doll). I think it was like 2 weeks, but shipping might take a while. If you want I can update you when I receive it.


Did u get it??


Sex Doll Shop doesn’t have many of their dolls in stock. Should I be worried about purchasing from them if this is the case? It’s a bit nerve racking as a first time buyer and spending thousands. Also they aren’t listed on TDF should I be alarmed of this? Also thoughts on silicone

Last edited 7 months ago by John

Is absolutesex dolls a good place


Scammed as in they don’t send you a doll or scammed as in they just send you a cheap replica?


Hello thanks for the straight! I’d like to know what you think of these two sites. Thank you very much!

John Austin

can anyone tell me if Mysexdollshop in the Netherlands is a good place to buy a doll ( I cannot see any reviews)


Have you seen this website?


Hi, Anyone now esdoll os trusted shop?


so which store would you advise me to have the best prices and be authentic?


Can you recommend a trusted site for the blue skin dolls. Specifically the one called belle. Ive only seen it at zlovedoll. Are they trusted?


Hi Tom, do you know if “the doll channel” store is legit or not? And “Sex Love Dolls” “SLDolls” I found some dolls on both that I really like. I am interested in mini dolls but don’t know who to buy from, do you recommend any site?

Thank you for your help!

Last edited 7 months ago by Tom

Do you refer to The Doll Channel or Sex Love Dolls being a scam?
And I wonder why you mention that. Care to enlighten us?
Asking since I’ve considered Doll Channel, and found them trustworthy from what I could tell. Could easily be wrong, but that’s why I’m asking.


First off, thank you for the fantastic advice so far! I understand you get what you pay for, but I’ve found some quality hips from Amazon and these are priced around the same, so I’m curious if is a legitimate seller. Particularly with the full torso 50lb at the very end. They don’t sell full sized dolls, but the one on there looks like the same found on Tantaly, which is legit.

Again thank you for your help!


Is legit or scam?

Last edited 8 months ago by Matt
Steven Thompson

Is sex doll alley legit


I wanted to see if is a legit site. Thanks!


Dear Tom, i found you on youtube, and in a video called “Buying a Sex doll? – Beginner’s tutorial for first time buyer” you touched on the doll brands. I really like the dolls of Z-Onedoll and Irontech, but i can’t find them on , so do you know a good seller for these brands? I found them on , but i don’t know if this seller is trusted.


hello dear Tom. Thank you very much for this service. I would like to learn your opinion about this site. What do you think is legal or trustworthy?


Thanks for your reply, Tom. I sent you a mail. can you check it please. if you are available. good work.

Joel is this legit selling sex dolls?


So can be trusted to send what you actually order? Do you know if they have good customer service?
thank you


About 5 years ago I purchased a Doll Online from a vendor out of Scottsdale, AZ I learned not to deal with the Chinese from an eBay purchase years ago so I know now to stay away. I did receive the doll within a few days but not at all what this Website had promised, this wasn’t even a Doll like the one you got scammed with, I probably would’ve been alright with that doll you got but dude this was worse, these people sent me a blow-up doll, man was I pissed but most of all embarrassed cuz I… Read more »


OK Awesome Tom and thanks again Bro for your advise, I shall trust you on this one…Kimberdolly Sexy Mama here I come, get ready for the best 2 minutes of your life!!!… I will hug her and kiss her and call her K😍


First of all, thank you so much for your advice. Your knowledge is of great value!

My question is, any idea where I can buy clothing and earrings and stuff like that? Isn’t really sold on those sites.

Do I just buy normal clothing or?


Hello I never bought a sex doll before. I really like the Faina/Jasmine doll but I have seen so many crappy ones that people have gotten and reviewed. Does sex doll shop have the Jasmine doll that looks like the pictures?


I have noticed that the site you recommend to your users has sold out almost all Dolls from their stock and isn’t responding to costumer requests. I intend to buy my first doll soon, but its a pretty big investment for me and so Iam distrustful.


Ah, i didnt take the timezone into account.i also wasn’t aware that it was in Canada.

Joseph A Whitney

I’ve been looking for over 2 month for reviews on sites to order from. I’m soon buying from Everywhere I read its mostly always top 3. I’ve been on forums, doll store review sites, personal buyers, and people that have bought many dolls. is the one to go with. Even here its #1.

Joseph A Whitney

Thanks Tom for being invested in helping people. It seems a trial and error you’ve went through.
You have helped me
Thank you


Does anyone know if these sites are legit?


Thank you!


Hi Tom,

Happy new year!

I am replying to this thread simply for the website of WM doll. I googled and found the first two are as the following:

I suppose if the second one is fake, then the first one should be the real one. Could you please confirm this? Or neither is the official website of WM dolls?

Much thanks in advance!

JOHN chena

hy tom how about is it trusted?


What site would you recommend for dolls with the moaning option?


I bought a TPE WM doll from Can you confirm these are high quality dolls that are made without harmful chemicals? Thanks!


I found a doll i am very interested in at:

I would really appreciate any insight you could give me.

Thank you!


Hey Tom,

What about:

• internal heating systems
• audible moaning function
• Stick-on pubic hair patches

Any good or do you advise against?


Is pr[[…] and legit?

Last edited 10 months ago by Tom

Hey Tom, I live in Canada, and have been looking for a long time…Any thoughts or Ideas about ordering through sex dolls Canada? As well as Lovedreamer? Both have sweet dolls for Sale as well, just don’t nkow if any of these two sellers, are legit….or scammers?


What about southerntreasures


Thanks Tom, you are doing a fantastic service, much appreciated. Great posts


Hello Tom, do you happen to know if https://sil[…] is legit? Looking at
AI-Tech dolls at superb price. Too good to be true?


Hi! Have you got any opinion/experience about lo[…] They offer a wide range of customizations (a lot of them for free) and they have affordable prices. Unfortunately I haven’t found any reviews on the web, so I’m kind of skeptic.


Hello Tom! Thanks a lot for answering back. The low prices is one of the subjects that made me wonder… On the other hand I saw that they provide information about their company, based in the UK. You see, I’m looking for a company which will make sure that I will not have to pay for any extra custom fees (I live in Greece-EU). Now, for the oral, anal and vagina textures that they offer, let’s say that they somehow make them (they also sell them separately) and I can understand that if the doll has a removable vagina, you… Read more »


I also got the following answer to the question about how they place the different textures: “We are based inside the WM factory in China and place the texture during production. The oral and anal textures are always fixed, but the vagina can be removable also. We can do the textures in all the removable or fixed orifices.  If you already own a WM / LoveDolls / YL / OR and many other brands doll which is over 140cm tall, and has a removable vagina, then yes you can use our removable vagina with it. It is very easy to… Read more »


Have you tried joy love dolls? Im thinking about getting one of their dolls, but they never respond to any emails that I send.


What is a good site for dolls that can vibrate up and down?


Tom, I just bought the 4’6″ April WM doll from your top vendor sexdolls-shop. It is my first doll and I was very hesitant about getting one after reading about all the scams out there. Anyways Marco seems to really take things serious and has been great with responding quickly to my questions. However I couldn’t find anything about sexdolls-shop on the doll forum. Do you know why they aren’t promoting sexdolls-shop? Looks like it won’t be ready until the middle of January so I guess it will be a long wait. For whatever reason the WM dolls have by… Read more »


Ok thanks, that makes sense. I’m new to this and everywhere I look I see something about TDF. I assumed they were only featuring trusted sites but after seeing reviews from you and others I decided to go with sexdolls-shop even though they weren’t on TDF. I almost bought a doll from some site that was featuring the same dolls for half price but then I figured it must be too good to be true and did some research. Very glad I did! Thank you for making this site and saving people from getting robbed.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x