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What will my sex doll really look like?

When you buy from a supplier, the pictures that they will show you are from professional shootings. This means that the doll was treated like a super model : Her hair and make up were done by pros ans she was dressed with specially chosen clothes. Very often, the pictures are even photoshopped. 

Your supplier is not trying to fool you : They use the same marketing tricks that all businesses do. The BigMac that you are getting in your plate does not look exactly the same as the one advertised.

The doll that you will receive will more look like the average everyday women. Like the super model whiteout the artificial beauty. I have collected many factory pictures for you so that you can have an idea what the doll that you will receive will look like.


Brand : wmdoll and YLdoll
(Ordered alphabetically)





Brand : wmdoll
(Ordered alphabetically)

The doll description should be understood as follow:
“Brand_height_breasts size_skin color”



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