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Pictures of the damage to my doll. I hate to be negative but I do not trust these piper silicone dolls. There seems to be manufacturing issues.


Thanks for the reply, Tom! Sounds like I got scammed. Maybe it was just a bad doll, but when I saw your video and you made comments about the anus, I felt I had to share my experience. After purchasing a few dolls and having negative experiences several times , I’m starting to think doll ownership is not for me. Thanks so much for your videos and sharing the knowledge. If I do buy another doll I will be using the the vendor you recommend.


I bought this doll as well and the anus tore completely after only a few uses. I only had this doll a week before I started seeing damage. I reached out to my vendor who reached back out to piper and piper said I somehow broke the doll accidentally. I have no clue how I could have caused this amount of damage. Any thoughts on the vendor Doll to China. I feel like I got scammed. I think there are manufacturing issues with these silicone piper dolls. Thanks for sharing this video!

New Doll Lover

How wold you compare this silicone Phoebe Elf to the TPE Ariel in terms of ease of handling, sex, and cuddling? Is the smaller size a plus or minus? And have you tried out the soft butt option yet?

Finally, are the labia and anus the same for this doll and Ariel?

Thanks for your reviews.


I just ordered a Silicone Ariel with all the options. I have a TPE Phoebe and she has held up well.

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