Guide to buy a sex doll – what options are worth it?

What options are worth it?

You found a legit vendor using my guide. You found your dream doll. You are ready to buy and you realize that there are tons of options possibilities. Which ones are worth it and which ones are not? Here is a small guide to help you see clearer.

Stand feet option is a must. If you do not have that, your doll’s “tibia” will pierce your doll’s feet as soon as you will put her down on the floor. And you will severely damage them. The only reason why should not choose this option is if you are a foot fetishist.

– Soft skin is a must if you are a boob lover. If you are a boob lover and that you choose your doll with hard skin, you will not enjoy her. The only reason why you should not take the soft skin option is if you intend to be rough and tough with your doll. In that case, take the hard skin.

– Breasts – filled? Hollow? Gel? At this moment, only WMdoll offers the gel breasts. If you are a boob man, this option is a must. Please note that the factory recommends this option until the G cup size. Over that size, you should take hollow. My guess is that breasts would then become too heavy. If you are buying a doll from a brand that does not offer any gel filling option, then hollow boobs are sufficient and will give you a very natural experience.

– Vagina – insert or built-in? If you can easily bring your doll to the shower, buy the built-in vagina. If you can not easily get her to the shower (or any place where you can clean her easily), buy an insert vagina.

– The heating system is crap. Don’t buy that, it is a waste of money.

– The moaning system is crap. Not reliable and breaks very quickly.  I would even say that you should avoid vendors offering that crap.

– The shrugging shoulders are not worth it in my opinion. It gives her more of a natural look when she can shrug her shoulder, but to me, it is useless. 

– The enhanced mouth is a waste of money. Unless your doll has an open mouth. You can not tongue kiss it and it doesn’t change anything in regards to the oral sex. It is only there for aesthetical reasons.

That is about it. If ever there are options that I did think about, let me know in the comment section below.

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