Where to buy a sex doll? 10 essential rules to avoid scams!

Where to buy a sex doll?


You made a decision, you will buy a sex doll. Next step: But where to buy a sex doll? You have been doing some searches in Google for « sex dolls » and, surprisingly, you found that there are literally tons of vendors! Even better: They seem to be all offering the very same silicone/TPE sex dolls.

How to choose a good sex doll vendor?

Keep in mind that a good vendor is not always the one that offers the lowest prices. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Low prices are a scam indicator. And there are a LOT of scammers out there. 

You need to understand 2 things:

1. 90% of the silicone/TPE sex dolls are manufactured in China.
2. There are literally hundreds of manufacturers in China.


Do not try to find one yourself! Good retailers did the job for you. Forget about buying a fantastic $800 sex dolls in E bay or Amazon. Those companies are in fact Chinese manufacturers that are trying to sell their defect dolls.  How do I know? I tried 3 times and got screwed 3 times.

I made the mistake of trusting another “review” website. The guy made a commission because he referred me as customer, the manufacturers sold me defect sex dolls (I didn’t know it) and I lost my money with dolls that were not at all the ones that I ordered. There was even one without a vagina! He recommended me where to buy a sex doll and I trusted him. 

« Yes but, they have good comments! »   You want to tell me.
Big companies can buy them!!

Forget also all Chinese websites amazon alike: you will get screwed! I have made several YouTube videos on how I got ripped off by those sellers.

I am the real deal, a real reviewer. I am not here to make a commission on cheap sex dolls retailers that I will refer you to.  

Out of the 100’s of dolls factories that you can find in China, no more 5 or 6 of them are offering you good quality sex dolls. None of them will sell you their doll for $1000. Why? Because they made deals with western vendors. Why should they screw their top retailers that are referring them 1000’s of sales every month?


So, where to buy a sex doll to avoid sex doll scams?

Avoid sex doll scams
You can read the whole story of the above picture here.

I will very soon make a list of websites that you can trust where you can buy a sex doll but for now, just follow these essentials 6 rules if you want to avoid sex doll scams and get ripped off.

Rule 1
Do not EVER buy directly from a Chinese vendor/manufacturer.  As this guy warns us in his You Tube video : « Scammers are everywhere in China » So don’t imagine for a second that they are not on the internet trying to sell you crap.


Rule 2
Do not buy a doll under $1200 (for the small ones) and $1800 (for the big ones)  If you do, you are 95% sure that you will get crap. And do not even think about returning the product. You lost your money for good and you are stuck with a piece of garbage.


Rule 3
Buy a doll from a website where you can easily contact their customer service. They need to have a working phone number. They need to reply to your Email within 2 hours. (Beware of the timezone: They can’t reply if they sleep!) and their English needs to be correct and understandable. How many times have I dealt with people not understanding AT ALL what I was asking?


Rule 4most important tip
Buy a doll from a company that has dolls that are immediately deliverable. This means that the guys are serious: They did invest some money in their business: They bought dolls and stocked them in their shop. It also means that they do have inspected dolls in their warehouse before they send them to you. 


Rule 5
If you are ordering a custom doll, make sure to order her from a company that offers immediate delivery (see rule no4). Your custom doll can of course not be immediately deliverable but at least you will know that the guys are serious.


Rule 6
Do not EVER buy from E bay, Amazon, Aliexpress, Alibaba and all these types of big portal. Vendors there use the same pictures as the legit manufacturers but they will sell you crap. 


Rule 7
Do not trust a “review” website that redirects you to vendors using an affiliate link: These guys are no reviewers, they are vendors in disguised. Avoid sex dolls scams by recognizing a real review website from a fake one. How do you recognize a fake one? If their offer is to good to be real, then it is not real.

Rule 8
Avoid websites offering you different prices for the same model depending on their height. This practice is deceiving you as a customer. You get the feeling that you are buying the same doll at a cheaper price because she is smaller. Int fact, you are buying a completely different body. The only thing that resembles what you see on the promotions pictures will be the head. Otherwise, her breasts, tummy, hips, ass, legs, nothing will be the same.

Here is an example:

They let you think that you can buy this doll for that price:

When you look closely, you are buying something completely different.

As a customer that will trust a stranger with lots of money, you need things to be clear, no bullshit. This practice above is purely and simply bad business practice. It is exactly what websites selling cheap counterfeit dolls are doing. Not good.

Rule 9
Make sure that your supplier is selling the real brands. Some suppliers have started to sell both the real brands + cheap copies of the real brands. That is their way to deal with that scourge. I personally do not think that deceiving customers by selling cheap copies without letting them know is a good business practice.

Rule 10
Avoid any “urgency” sale method like:
– Only 2 left!
– Only 59 min. 21 seconds left to benefit from this discount!

These are only made to make pressure sales. 


Rule 11 Updated!
Avoid any huge discount (15% and +)
A new trend is unfortunately appearing: Legit vendors sometimes offer huge discounts to compete the cheap doll market.
30% discount for the Valentine’s day!” and you get your dream doll for $500 less!

That’s awesome until you realize that they sent you a counterfeit cheap doll. I few customers have complained to me about this lately.
The bought from a “legit list” of vendors by a well-known community. They have been scammed and still, those “legit vendors” are still
listed there. I will make a video about that situation very soon.

Keep these essential rules in mind and you avoid sex doll scams.
You are still not sure where to buy a sex doll? I got a list of honest suppliers for you.

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