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May I have your review on


we are not scammer. How can you say that?


It hurts to hear things like that


Great review as always. I have a question. I only have one doll currently. Wm offers Soft, Super Soft or Ultra Soft. I picked Super Soft because the breast on the doll were L Cup and with all the hype of gel breast I had to get them. I would say they don’t exactly feel natural. I am not sure if it is the TPE or the Gel but I would say that Gel boobs feel more like a women with fake breast. Not all women’s fake breast are the same, it depends on the level of scarring. But I… Read more »


Hi Tom,
Was the 91# weight including the head, or without the head on her? Great review!!!


Are the non soft skin WM dolls really hard as a rock? I was going to purchase the 157cm B cup but can’t decide on skin. I would like the non soft for durability but not if it ruins the reality of the doll?


Thank you for your reply and will buy from your recommendations .

I will either be purchasing the wm 157-B cup or the 166-C. As you have purchased both what are your thoughts? I tend to like a small boylike body on a girl but 166 looks so real.

Your thoughts?

Also is the tan dark?, it appears very light skinned on your dolls.

Is coco to dark to be tan?


Is this WMdolls site their official site or is it a scam? Prices seem to be much higher

I love this head, could it be used on a WM 157cm body?

Kevin D McGowen

I heard about a site called and was thinking about purchasing a doll. Are they a legit company or no?


I have been curious about the WMdoll teeth that come with the heads at default. Are they hard resin type teeth or a softer TPE type of teeth? I noticed your doll in this video has them and was curious if they were hard/soft and permanent or removable? Thanks for you answer and I love your site and videos! Has helped me stay away from fraudulent sites and got my first Piperdoll (Phoebe) back in Oct thanks to your guidance!

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