wmdoll 157cm B cup head#162 video review

My review of the wmdoll 157cm B cup with the head 162

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johnny k

Are you the buddy that tried to open the brother on Young st…. by the way I found u website after getting scammed by sexdollslabs… i havent even recived the doll yet and they havent shipped it but i just know its going to be a counterfeit so i asked them to refund me so i could buy ” a more expensive doll” but he didnt buy it and told me how about you keep the doll and i give you 20 percent off… i said how about you return me the money since you havent shipped the doll yet..… Read more »

johnny k

I didnt think of getting scammed when i went to buy a doll…. so I saw sexdollslabs with 50 percent off and it seemed pretty legit and I’ve never been scammed b4 so i was like what could go wrong… but then after i ordered the doll I was like wait a minute…. their number was not in service and their website is bassed out of china and then i found ur website saying they sell counterfeits…. i was like sheit…. im pretty sure i can file a disupte with visa and get my money back tho. But I emailed… Read more »

johnny k

oh and by the way…. im going to order the ariel piper doll 😉


Hi Tom I’m new to all this and thing about getting a doll I went to sex doll shop and doing a custom order but there’s something it ask that I’m not sure about like fixed or moving shoulders hollow or filled boobs and the mouth

Ray Luna

Hey Tom, great reviews. Doing the lord’s work out here. One quick question; how reputable would you say siliconwives is for purchasing this model? I considered sexdolls-shop.com, but siliconwives just has a better payment plan for my means. Thanks

– Ray


Hi Tom,
Thank you for this video. I check back on your site weekly and spend time looking at dolls on your favorite suppliers site. Very honest and informative. Trixy is certainly attractive. I wonder why WM has a hard time with butt-hole placement. Seems like an attention to detail matter?
Have you by chance had any experience with WM Aurora? She is my favorite so far mostly due to the fact that she reminds me of my GF who passed away about eight months ago.
Kind regards and thank you for your kind help.

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