Young looking sex dolls

You are maybe tempted to buy a young looking sex doll. What do we exactly mean by this? After all, many dolls have a very young looking face. Some even look like if they were 10 years old! A doll will be considered to be under age if she has all these characteristics:

1. Small 134cm  (4’5)  and less.
2. Young looking face.
3. No breasts.
4. No pubic hair.

Young Looking Sex Doll


Young Looking Sex Dolls

Now you need to get information depending on what country you are from because these are illegal in many countries. For example many Canadian citizens are currently facing justice because they ordered a child looking sex doll. To the Canadian law, it is pedophilia. I find this personally ridiculous but this is how the law works.

The thinking behind the law is : Pedophilia is not accepted in the western world. We know that there is no cure for this particular sexual attraction. The solution is to try to restrain yourself by any means and not to tempt yourself and risk wanting to try the next step after having sex with a young looking sex doll… which would be a real child.

I personally think that it would help controlling the urge by using a substitute but I may be wrong. I am no shrink.
You will find many information in this video

Now I do not morally judge people being attracted to kids. I thank whoever created me everyday for being attracted to ladies with big boobs and not to children. I know how hard it is to resist a beautiful sets of big tits. I can imagine that it is as hard to resist touching a child that you are being attracted too.

Just keep this in mind : Let children be children!  As long as the hormones hasn’t rushed into their blood, they are very uncomfortable with anything that is related to sex. And if you touch them, abuse their trust in any way, THEY WILL SUFFER FROM THIS THEIR WHOLE LIFE.

It is no game. You are dealing with someone’s life. 

Now back to the young looking sex dolls topic, if your country do not allow it, just forget about it : The risk of loosing everything if you get caught is too big. If your country allows it, then ask yourself : Am I not tempting the devil?  If I buy a young/child looking sex doll, is there a risk that I may be tempted by the real thing? 

Those questions are serious. You need to be very careful about these issues. Do not put yourself in trouble and do not behave in any way that could harm another human being.

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